Many have been wondering why miss A‘s member Suzy has been mentioning actor and friend Kim Soo Hyun so often on Korean TV recently.

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Currently, Suzy is promoting her movie “Introduction to Architecture” as an actress as well as miss A’s latest project and single “Touch” as a singer.

She has been appearing on various variety shows and entertainment news programs where she was asked about Kim Soo Hyun. Và she also made headlines with her most heart fluttering kiss, who she would choose between Lee Je Hoon and Kim Soo Hyun, và which celebrity she wanted to chia sẻ the same brand of phone with.

Lots of Kim Soo Hyun mentions?

The two became very close when they filmed hit drama “Dream High” last year. They have been texting each other often with words of tư vấn and also funny anecdotes.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is currently enjoying tremendous success as King Lee Hwon in MBC‘s hit drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun,” making him the hottest topic among K-Pop fans.

Some netizens wondered whether Suzy had a secret crush on Kim Soo Hyun or if she’s been wanting to lớn profit from his popularity.

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Let’s be honest– as much as I love Kim Soo Hyun who is by the way my secret crush, she doesn’t need it as she already is in the spotlight as a miss A member and a young actress en vogue.

Suzy being the link to Kim Soo Hyun through their friendship & collaboration in “Dream High” makes her all the more relevant for TV programs in search of high ratings as the special guest. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone since she is also bound khổng lồ guest-star on such programs as she is currently promoting miss A’s album.

Some netizens also speculated on community boards as well as on Twitter that by constantly bringing up Kim Soo Hyun, she would damage her “image and reputation.” The wave of anger spread when Suzy brought up Kim Soo Hyun once again.

She said or was told to say on SBS “100 Million Quiz Show” that “Before, I would have answered that I’d love having the same phone used by cool actor Kang Dong Won. These days, I would be happy lớn have the same phone/couple phone as the oh so popular King, Kim Soo Hyun.”

If you watch the segment again, you can clearly see how show host Kim Yong Man skillfully asked her the following question, “Is there a celebrity you would like to cốt truyện the same phone with?”

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Suzy has obviously been aware of the special attention she’s been getting lately, as she tweeted after the show, “Script,” hinting at the fact that everytime she brought Kim Soo Hyun up on TV, it was because of the scripted programs.


Makes sense — Has she ever mentioned him as often as she recently did before he appeared on “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”?