“Property Brothers” to be designing naquela midcentury leitura Vegas terra natal with “drag room,” and they consulted com iconic leitura Vegas headliner cândido Marino.

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The casa with ns "drag room" era featured on der recent "Property Brothers" show. (Tonya Harvey/ problema Estate Millions)
Mark Hooker with his dog in his recently remodeled midcentury home. (Tonya Harvey real Estate Millions)
One of ns bedrooms era converted into this "drag room" to save costumes and wigs. (Tonya Harvey/Real legacy Millions)
The "drag room" has naquela place ao the estrela to importar ready porque o the show. (Tonya Harvey/Real legacy Millions)
A small sewing an equipment sits on naquela table in the "drag room" of note Hooker"s remodeled home. (Tonya Harvey/Real estate Millions)
Jonathan e Drew a cidade de granito got advice on building a home"s "drag room" a partir de longtime leitura Vegas entertainer frank Marino. (Tonya Harvey/Real heritage Millions)
Mark Hooker performs together “Margo" in ~ Hamburger Mary’s on leste Flamingo Road. (Tonya Harvey/Real legacy Millions)
A drag room in mark Hooker"s remodeled leitura Vegas midcentury casa houses many accessories. (Tonya Harvey/Real legacy Millions)
The living room functions an accent wall that has strips of timber to jogos the 1960s vibe. (Tonya Harvey/Real legacy Millions)
The 1,720-square-foot midcentury rancher is in a Paradise Palms neighborhood and is on the historic registry. (Tonya Harvey/Real legacy Millions)
A rust-colored sectional adds one more retro measurement among a midcentury furniture pieces. (Tonya Harvey/ problema Estate Millions)
The master bedroom features novo flooring e a integrated bookcase. (Tonya Harvey/ atuações Estate Millions)
The living room attributes an accent wall surface that has strips of wood to partida the 1960s vibe. (Tonya Harvey/ real Estate Millions)
Las vegas entertainer cândido Marino ser estar featured on a recent "Property Brothers" show. (Tonya Harvey/ atuações Estate Millions)

Describing his story as “The drag Queen e the Professor,” mark Hooker captured ns attention the “Property Brothers” Jonathan e Drew a cidade de granito when they carried their hit show to your hometown of leitura Vegas porque o the first time critical year.

“Mark’s story inspired us,” building Brothers sucessão producer Dora Fong said. “He shared com us why he and Dave were in ns middle of a long relocation procedure to Vegas. They to be caught between Dave’s job as a history professor in Minnesota e Mark’s burgeoning dream to be der working traction queen in a bigger market.”

Hooker’s longtime partner of 25 years, Dave Berg, is the associate mestre of management and international organization at Hamline universidade in Minnesota. He paris back e forth between a two cities.

Hooker has actually been acting for more than 50 years, staring in his own cabaret act, “The note Hooker Show,” as well as several films e daytime drama including “All my Children,” “One vida to Live” and “The Guiding Light.” He started performing in drag dois years ago in Minnesota. He wanted to relocate to vegas to fully pursue his dream and find a destination whereby he and his partner could retire.

“I offered drag to myself porque o the mine 60th birthday,” that said. Hooker is performing as his stage persona “Margo Caprese,” known as a Vintage vegas Vixen in ~ Hamburger Mary’s on leste Flamingo Road. “As I get older, ns don’t feel prefer auditioning para things. This is my rua of having an outlet as an entertainer.”

As component of his novo home, Hooker wanted der drag room porque o Margo. Jonathan Scott, seeking inspiration porque o the space, reached fora to his friend frank Marino, an iconic las Vegas headliner. Marino will certainly emcee as Joan Rivers for another las Vegas icon, “Legends in Concert,” Sept. 11-Nov. 19.

“Who else to walk to but ns expert of drag here in leitura Vegas?” Marino said. “It worked out great. I foi ~ excited to be on a show.”

As component of finding ns right residential property in the couple’s $425,000 budget, Jonathan e Drew a cidade de granito showed several fixer-uppers in above midcentury contemporary neighborhoods in the historical areas of the las Vegas Valley.

“The brothers made ns process fun e educational,” Berg said. “They gained to know what us were spring for e then showed us places that could administer that e still remain within lado de fora budget.”

The pair selected a 1,720-square-foot midcentury rancher. A fixer-upper is in the historic sky Palms neighborhood and is on a historic registry.

“Some clients must see 50 houses prior to making der decision, and others somente need come see der few,” Drew a cidade de granito said. “Fortunately para us, Mark e David to be able to narrow down what kind of naquela home they wanted quickly. Something with character that foi ~ in der non-cookie cutter community.”

The capability to live in the Paradise Palms ar played naquela significant factor in their decision. Located near downtown Vegas, a historic midcentury modern neighborhood has an extensive list that celebrities quem have live there at 1 time. They incorporate Phyllis Diller, Debbie Reynolds, Johnny Carson, Dean Martin e Howard Hughes.

“We really favor this neighborhood,” Hooker said. “It’s an extremely artistic com lots of actors e entertainers vida here. Plus, we’re close come the entreter venues. Ns really feel at terra natal here.”

They paid full list preço of $320,000 for the home, i m sorry showcased several features a couple want in naquela property, consisting of midcentury modern design, 3 bedrooms, naquela pool e the ability to develop an open living area with separate dining.

“I grew up in der midcentury modern house,” Hooker said. “I love everything that foi ~ set in the era.”

With a renovation budget of roughly $100,000, Jonathan scott created a design com an open main living area that balanced beauty e function.

“There is nothing cookie cutter about Mark and David,” Jonathan a cidade de granito said. “They wanted naquela character casa to kick off this novo chapter in their lives. Therefore I wanted to create naquela space that would represent their eccentric sense of style but also role to make their resides easier.”

Hooker e Berg left most of the renovation come Jonathan and Drew Scott, yet they noted direction as to what they’d like.

“I favor monochromatic with naquela pop the color,” Hooker said. “I know it’s boring, however I like white walls. I don’t desire anything come conflict com Margo’s outfits.”

The home’s age required overcoming several difficulties initially, such as mediating asbestos uncovered in a popcorn ceiling and finding mold if removing ns old flooring.

The currently kitchen ser estar demolished, e a larger, reconfigured kitchen ser estar installed with naquela central, expansive waterfall-edge quartz island. Two-tone cabinetry, light azul tile backsplash and high-end vinyl flooring complete ns stylish hub.

“My favorite lugar, colocar is ns island,” Hooker said. “It’s whereby I live. Ns sit and work on mine computer, writing naquela novel, screenplay e learn como as to play der ukulele.”

Creating naquela separate dining space required removing naquela fourth bedroom off ns entry.

The living room’s fireplace terra cercada por lã was painted white, and strips of timber were included to a adjacent vida room wall surface to enhance a space’s vintage feel.

Enlarging the para fora wall opening e installing naquela voluminous patio door noted spacious indoor/outdoor vida out to the backyard and pool deck.

Pops that yellow on ns front door e bar stools lining the ilha provide fun facets to ns décor. Naquela rust colored sectional adds one more retro measurement among ns midcentury furniture pieces.

“The design e finishes really carried back ns 1960s vibe we were feather for,” Berg said. “And, also though I ser estar concerned around it initially, taking o fim the tiny fourth bedroom really opened up the living space and made it naquela great home ao the entertaining we love to do.”

Opening up a main living area provided Jonathan Scott der way come design der “runway” área from the entry right into the vida room for Hooker to show off Margo’s outfits. Introducing a runway, Jonathan and Drew scott strutted ao their own runway andar during a episode.

“It wasn’t my o primeiro dia time throwing on a pair of heels,” Drew scott said. “When we have homeowners that like to have fun, we have actually fun.”

Even a runway couldn’t top ns Marino-inspired traction room, built out of 1 of a three other bedrooms. The glamorous yet functional space offers Hooker a place come dress, store and sew tudo his stunning costumes.

“I’ll constantly remember my o primeiro dia drag room,” Jonathan scott said of designing the space. “The first call ns made was to franco to find lado de fora what some of the typical ‘must haves’ ~ ~ for der drag room. I combined that com some the my common needs for der nice closet and sprinkled in der lot that personality e glam.”

Marino offered vital elements to incorporate in the space, such as placing wigs on der flat borda with four spindles ao easy transport and having der place to lay sequin gowns.

“You never want to cave them,” Marino advised. “What wake up is they are so heavy it will break ns beads.”

Jonathan scott turned ns other an additional bedroom right into Berg’s den with ns added flexibility of an extra guest room through installing naquela full-sized Murphy bed on ns wall.

The entire renovation took 7 weeks come complete and came under spending plan at $96,500.

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“It’s always der fine balance of mix the novo with ns old, however at ns risk of sounding overconfident, i think we hit ns nail on the head,” Jonathan scott said. “Or, maybe more accurately, we hit the wig on a head.”

According come Hooker, it took 14 dia of shooting to complete the episode, i m sorry debuted on the HGTV network at the fim of July.

“Jonathan e Drew did every little thing we asked them come do,” Hooker said. “They designed der house that era easy for der retired pair to viver in.”

“We really took pleasure in our time in las Vegas,” Fong said. “It’s der great city, with incredible growth, amazing views e weather, e wide variety of people quem were so welcoming.”