The most sturdy glass ever in a smartphone, front and back. Der color‑matched, aerospace‑grade aluminum band with space gray, silver, and gold finishes.

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iPhone 8

Apple continues to surprised consumers with up-to-the-minute trends and sophisticated smartphone styles. Ns award-winning empresa has outdone chin with ns iPhone 8, the latest in der long heat of high-performance iPhones that manter getting better. Packed com powerful features e a high-end processor, the novo Apple iPhone transforms heads e blows minds with its multitude that extras.

Design e Display

This iphone phone has der different look a partir de other apologize mobile devices. This smartphone exudes elegance with der glass exterior. Made são de sturdy, shining glass e available in shades of silver, gray, e gold, ns phone shines. It features der 4.7-inch Retina HD display outfitted com Multi-Touch. Pixel resolution measures in at 1334 by 750, developing crisp, clean images e video. User-friendly, that offers der display zoom as well as 3D Touch. No matter como as many times you pinch e zoom, you wont leaving prints behind many thanks to the oleophobic layer the resists fingerprints.


Weighing 5.22 ounces, the iPhone 8 is light e portable. Select from two different storage capacities, e the iphone 8 preço reflects her option; either the 64GB version or the 256GB model for maximum memory. Ns phone dues quickly, and the long-lasting battery offers you 14 hours of talk time. This is comparable with a specs of a iPhone 7. To run iOS 11, a iPhone 8 provides an even more customizable experience. The esboço, projeto of ns display makes it straightforward to view your phone a partir de any angle. Equipped with an A11 chip, it speed through daily tasks effortlessly.


Apple provides phones para the grande haul, and the Apple iphone phone 8 is water e dust resistant. One of a benefits of this call is a fact that you have the right to charge that wirelessly, e it quick-charges to 50 percent in only half an hour. Ns True tone display method that this phone call has much more saturated colors 보다 previous phones, creating naquela robust and rich experience. With a quickest CPU the iPhone has ever before had, a iPhone 8 is an ext efficient e quicker 보다 previous phones. Friend can also enjoy Augmented realidade games with this smartphone.


Consumers have long been impressed with iPhone cameras and praised them porque o their clarity. Ns iPhone 8 takes it 1 step further com an enhanced camera and more options. A device provides 12MP equipped com optical image stabilization, as well as an magnified Portrait setting that lets you personalize na foto with various effects. It also has der telephoto lens too as der powerful digital zoom e autofocus e also registro sharp 4K videos. The 8 Plus offers these features e more, with der larger display size than a 8 if you in ns market for der bigger display. One more iPhone to importar excited about is a iPhone X, i m sorry is the companys first all-screen smartphone, offering der 5.8-inch display that classifimoveis.comings detail and color to your iPhone experience.

If youre no in ns market for der classifimoveis.comand new phone simply yet, now is ns perfect equipe to get naquela previous iphone phone incarnation for naquela great price. Check lado de fora the almost-new iphone phone 7 or larger iPhone 7 Plus, or enjoy the feature-packed iphone 6s or 6s Plus, and check fora the newest addition to a iPhone color lineup; rose gold.

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