To make sure that your gadgets have ns latest insetos fixes and security enhancements, guarda your gadgets up come date. Part iOS updates might also require friend to upgrade watchOS.

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When you see an alarm on your iPhone that says “Your apologize Watch programas is out of date,” you must update to the latest version of watchOS so the your data, including activity data, proceeds to sync to your iPhone.

Learn what come doif your vejo says girlfriend need an ext available warehouse to install naquela watchOS update.

First, make certain that her vejo is compatible with a latest software:watchOS8 is compatible com Watch sequência 3 and later and watch SE. Upgrading to watchOS8 calls for iPhone 6s or later running iOS 15 or later.Find your classifimoveis.comWatch model.

Next, examine these things:

Keep your iPhone next to your apologize Watch, so that they"re in range.

It can take em ~ several minutes to an hour para the update to complete. You could want to update overnight or wait until you have time.

When der new update is available, your watch notifies you. Insanity Update esta noite in the notification, then walk to her iPhone to confirm that you desire to update overnight. At the fim of ns day, leave your Watch e iPhone charging overnight so the update can complete.

To update manually, use these steps:

On your iPhone, open the watch app, climate tap a My vejo tab.Tap visão global > software Update.
Download ns update. If asked para your iphone phone passcode or vejo passcode, go into it.Wait para the development wheel to appear on your Watch. It could take são de several minute to an hour porque o the update to complete.

Leave her assistir on the charger while a update completes. Don"t restart your iPhone or apologize Watch, e don"t quit ns relógio app. When a update completes, your relógio restarts top top its own.

If her vejo has watchOS 6 or later, you deserve to install subsequent updates without your iPhone:

On your watch, open ns Settings app.Tap general > programas Update.Tap install if a software upgrade is available, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Leave her assistir on the charger while the update completes, e don"t restart her Watch. When ns update completes, your watch restarts ~ above its own.

Try this steps:

Restart her Watch.Press e hold the lado button until you see Power Off, climate drag a slider. To turn your vejo on again, press and hold the lado button.Try to começo the upgrade again.

If a update won"t start, open the Watch application on your iPhone, tap visão global > usage > programas Update, then delete the update file. After you delete the file, shot todownload e install watchOS again.

Learn what to a partir de if you check out "Cannot download Update" once updating Watch.

Before girlfriend update, remove a beta profile from your device. To view and remove ns watchOS beta profile:Open the vejo app on your iPhone, tap the My assistir tab, then go to visão global > Profiles. Tap ns beta profile the you desire to remove, climate tap claro Profile.Enter her iPhone passcode if requested.Open ns Settings application on your iPhone, climate tap visão global > profiles & maker Management. Tap a beta profile that you want to remove, then tap delete profile.Enter your iPhone passcode if requested.After girlfriend remove ns profiles, restart both devices e check for the update again.

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To proceed using the público beta of iOS, you deserve to install the beta file again.