A classifimoveis.comedy Brazilian “Minha Mãe excluir uma ajudando 3” hit the big display screen on December 26th and, in the first week of the show, i rejected the novo movie of the franchise “Star Wars“, acquisition almost dois million world to ns movies.

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O público of the film (1.852.238 people), starring pólo Gustavo, is almost four equipe bigger 보다 that of “Star Wars: ns Ascension Skywalker”, second place in a list, which had 493.269 spectators in a movie theaters of ns Brazil.

The Brazilian attribute made a venenoso of R us$ 30,7 million in ~ the fim of its first week, while a closing that Lucasfilm"s novo trilogy built up another R us$ 9,9 million and now totals R crédito 38,6 million.

“Minha Mãe denominada uma ajudando 3” gift to viewers a Dona Hermínia (the protagonist play by paul Gustavo) who is more politicized and about classifimoveis.come beclassifimoveis.come naquela grandmother, because her daughter Marcelina (Mariana Xavier) is pregnant. Check lado de fora the trailer below.

Third in ns list of a highest grossing films in Brazil this week, appears ns feature “Entre Facas e Segredos”, by Rian Johnson. The suspense-classifimoveis.comedy is inspired by a work that Agatha Christie, e took simply under 40 thousand world to a cinemas, increasing a rude of R us$ 801 thousand this weekend.

The debut that “Cats”, one adaptation that the broadway musical, classifimoveis.command by altura Hooper, ser estar in the fourth position in a ranking, with a collection the R crédito 629 thousand, if “Malévola: Dona são de Mal” closed ns top 5 with more 보다 R $ 437k.

In the sixth position, “Playmobil - ministérios Filme” appears, having collected a same value as the fifth place. Then, classifimoveis.com R $ 366 thousand, a feature “Playing classifimoveis.com Fire”, classifimoveis.command by Andy Fickman. A eighth localização is para another nacional film, “Os Parças 2”, starring Whindersson Nunes, altura Cavalcante e Tirullipa, which raised R us$ 211 thousand.

In nine place, ns animation of ns classic sequência "The Addams Family" took R us$ 135 thousands at a box office. Korean attribute film “Parasita”, der strong oscar nominee porque o best foreign film, ranked 10th on ns list the most-watched films this week.

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