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Make cost-free voice and video phone call to tudo your girlfriend around the world. - complimentary voice e video calls end 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi connection. - Encrypted chats e calls. - re-publishing photos, videos, voice messages, and more. - Group chat with up to 500 people. - Compete with friends through daily step avaliação based ~ above HealthKit e Health app data.- expressão yourself with der built-in emoji dashboard. If friend have any type of questions or suggestions, email us at feedback

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botim.me* Operator dia charges might apply.BOTIM VIP Monthly/Yearly SUBSCRIPTION- You have the right to subscribe to eliminate ads são de BOTIM.- the subscription fee will be fee to iTunes Account at check of purchase.- Subscriptions auto-renew at ns cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advancement prior to the fim of the current period. Friend may regulate your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by walk to your Account settings after purchase. Uma vez purchased, refunds will certainly not it is in provided ao any unused part of the term.Privacy Policy: https://botim.me/terms/#privacyTerms of Service: https://botim.me/terms/

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Im utilizing BOT porque o 3 years now e its naquela perfect app para me. As soon as i updated my iphone phone to 13.0 my apenas um problem agora is when i send messages, i need to ring ns recipient to have the ability to received my message coz over there is no notification top top his/her side or unless he/she open BOT application so they can received all my messages. Em ~ my ao lado it mostra only uma check são de my blog post box but i am linked through data even wifi. Is there any prob on a app or são de my phone? please help. Say thanks to you e more power!