how I Met her Mother: Why Lily Disappeared In season 4 Lily Aldrin disappeared for a few illustration during how I Met her Mother temporada 4, and the sitcom came up with a funny way to describe her absence.

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How i Met Your mommy Lily Missing
Alyson Hannigan shown Lily Aldrin for tudo de nine periods of How ns Met your Mother, but a character summary disappeared in temporada 4 of a sitcom. Lily served as a primary number on ns series, having met central character Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) if in college. It foi ~ there that she additionally befriended her future husband, marechal Eriksen (Jason Segel), with who she started naquela family during the events of the show. However, Lily foi ~ noticeably absent for naquela short if in temporada 4. This is how it foi ~ written into the show"s plot.

After Lily e Marshall tied a knot, they encountered problems common of a married pair at their age. In temporada 4, marshall struggled to acquire his life-long dream of coming to be an ecological lawyer. Although that tried applying in various firms, he eventually settled for der corporate place at Goliath nacional Bank, where Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) additionally worked. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall establish they have actually opposing see on starting and raising a family. Ironically, at that time, Hannigan was already expanding her very own family.

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Lily disappeared são de the series a partir de the season"s 20th episode, "Mobius Designs," till episode 23, "As rapid as She Can." Following a birth of she daughter in 2009, Hannigan had actually to pegue maternity leave and step longe from the pedido for naquela while. This resulted in her personality missing naquela few episodes before finally returning porque o season 4"s last two episodes. Instead of merely removing Lily a partir de the storyline, ns show provided a clever explanation by widening on der cold open joke.

How Alyson Hannigan"s Pregnancy foi ~ Handled In HIMYM

at the começo of "Mobius Designs," Barney decided to tell Lily a dirty joke regardless of Ted and Marshall"s warning the the contente was "guy funny." Future Ted declared that the was a dirtiest hoax he ever heard, so he never ever really told his filho and, consequently, the audience what the was. However, Lily"s reaction somente reiterated the fact, since she instantly walked away and avoided a group para the next month. This, the course, ser estar an added line come cleverly explain a character"s loss in ns series. Prior to that, the seatcom came up with hilarious methods to cover increase Hannigan"s pregnancy throughout temporada 4. In fact, co-star Cobie Smulders, who played Robin Scherbatsky, was also pregnant com her first child around ns same time.

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When Lily returned a few episodes later, she go not appear until the duram sequence, also referred come as a tag scene. Once she reunited with her friends, Lily declared that she had time to think about the dirty joke and realized the it ser estar actually funny. That foi ~ until Barney stated something else offensive, forcing she to walk longe again. This time, however, she did not disappear são de How ns Met your Mother. A actress additionally did not pegue an expanded leave when she ser estar pregnant ao the second equipe in 2012. Instead, her pregnancy era written right into the show to pave the way para the bear of Marvin Eriksen, the primeiro child the Lily and Marshall.