This write-up discusses a solutions ao error "RPC Server Unavailable" in windows server operating systems.

Summary: This write-up discusses ns solutions porque o error "RPC Server Unavailable" in home windows server operation systems.See less This write-up discusses the solutions ao error "RPC Server Unavailable" in windows server operating systems.

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Table that Contents

1. Introduction

"The RPC server is unavailable" is naquela common error in home windows that wake up in naquela wide selection of situations, many of lock involving interaction between two machines across a network. It can also occur during local operations on a machine.For clarity, in this article, a machine initiating RPC communication is designated theclient, and the machine com which it communicates is theserver.Remote Procedure speak to (RPC) is a mechanism that enables Windows processes to communicate, one of two people between der client e server across a network or within der single computer. Numerous integrated Windows components usar RPC. RPC provides dynamic ports porque o communication in between computers, but naquela static harbor (TCP harbor 135) must likewise be used as a starting point para communication. The RPC endpoint mapper listens ~ above this static port.In naquela typical RPC session, der client contacts naquela server"s endpoint mapper top top TCP port 135 and requests the dynamic port number the is assigned to a particular service. A server responds with a IP address e port number that ns service registered com RPC as soon as it started.The client then contacts ns service on the IP address and port.Possible reasons of the "RPC server unavailable" error include the following:

Stopped RPC service:If a RPC company on the server is not running, the client clear cannot reach it. Name resolution issues:The RPC server"s name may be fixing to a wrong IP address, resulting in a client contacting a wrong server or attempting to call an IP attend to not in use. Alternatively, the server"s name might not be resolving at all. Traffic blocked by firewall:A firewall or various other security application on the server, or der network firewall appliance between ns client and server, might be staying clear of traffic em ~ reaching the server on TCP port 135. Connectivity issues:The client may be unable to reach the server at tudo de due to a general network problem.

The adhering to stepsmay be beneficial in troubleshooting ns issue. Ns stepsare categorized through cause.

2. Stopped RPC Service

Open the Services painel on a server. Locate theRemote Procedure contact (RPC)service and ensure that is running. NOTE: the Remote Procedure call (RPC) Locator organization is no typicallyrunning. If ns service is stopped, effort to começo it manually.

3. Name Resolution Issues

ping the server by name em ~ the client to verify that the name resolves to a correct IP address. If it does, name resolution is not most likely to be ns cause of the issue, e the remaining steps in this section deserve to be skipped. If ns client e server ser estar members of an energetic Directory (AD) domain, DNS is used for name resolution. Verify that ns client e server are both using the correct DNS servers, which should be inside ns domain and will typically be domain controllers. If the correct DNS servers ser estar being used, use a DNS Management console on those servers to verify that the RPC server has uma or an ext correct registros registered in DNS. If necessary, theipconfig /registerdnscommand have the right to be supplied on ns RPC server come re-register that is DNS records. If there is no decorrer AD domain present, WINS might be used for name resolution. Theipconfig /allcommand list, amongst other things, ns WINS servers supplied by a RPC server. Check the WINS database on these servers to verify the the registros that ser estar registered ao the RPC server estão correct. If necessary, thenbtstat -RRcommand deserve to be operation on ns RPC server come re-register that is WINS records.

4. Traffic Blocked through Firewall

Check a Windows Firewall setups on ns RPC server. If the firewall is enabled, ensure traffic on TCP port 135 is enabled to pass. If ns server is running home windows Server 2003, a Windows Firewall may not correctly take care of RPC dynamic port allocation. In this case, it might be vital to disable the Windows Firewall or restrict a ports supplied by RPC (see step 4). If third-party firewall software, one more security application, or naquela network firewall appliance is in place, see a documentation porque o the application or appliance to determine whether it have the right to be properly configured to handle RPC traffic.

5. Rede Connectivity Issues

use thepingcommand come test an easy connectivity between ns RPC client and server. Keep in mind that this test may not it is in conclusive, together it is feasible for der firewall come block ICMP web traffic while permitting other traffic to pass. (ICMP, or gato Control message Protocol, is ns protocol the is provided by thepingandtracertcommands.) If the client e server are on various subnets, verify that website traffic is correctly routed between the two. If they ser estar in various physical locations, verify that the link between the sites is up and allowing web traffic to happen freely.

For additional instructions top top troubleshooting this error, seeTroubleshooting "The RPC Server is Unavailable."For visão global information about RPC, seeWhat Is RPC?

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