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Download Quicko: horário de Ônibus em tempo real e rotas APK para Android, APK document Named app.quicko and APP Developer a empresa Is Quicko app . Recent Android APK Vesion Quicko: horário de Ônibus em tempo problema e rotas Is can Free download APK climate Install top top Android Phone.

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Bus schedules e routes her way: see where your bus is in real time!Quicko offers a best routes to over 40 cidades including capitals and metropolitan areas!More than multi, Quicko is intermodal. In enhancement to several real-time route options, we connect different settings of deliver to vai you where and how girlfriend want. E now, who is a partir de São paulo capital e Salvador have the right to recharge their deliver card straight through ns app, without queues!We began in the city of são Paulo, we went to BH, RJ capital, Salvador e now us arrived in porto Alegre, Curitiba, Fortaleza e Campinas! Bora?Don"t know como as to vai there? do you desire to reload ns transport card? It"s basic here.Take benefit of our benefits Center e find coupons precious throughout a country: we have actually coupons ao e-commerce, music, charter buses e many others! What"s more, ns benefits are updated periodically, so download the application so you don"t miss ns news!Check fora where we are already present:SÃO PAULOLoad your deliver card straight through a app e see every little thing in problema time. Integrate subway lines, buses, CPTM stations, bicycle, taxi e more! Find ns best routes, schedule são de the bus schedule, reload a Single Ticket and arrive in ~ your destination without complications!RIO DE JANEIROFollow in problema time ns routes and bus schedule e have always updated information on météo lines, biking e more. Find out how to get to her destination, the bus schedule and even if over there were any problems along ns way!BELO HORIZONTEAlways have up-to-date information on tudo means the transport. Always know the time and route the transport and see what is ns best time to importar around!SALVADORThose who use CCR metro Bahia can buy carry card credits and check ns card balance directly through the app, without extr fees! save time and money com updates!At Quicko, girlfriend have:Different ways of getting thereThere ~ ~ several methods to trace routes, cross bike com the météo lines e bus lines, CPTM station. Set your route by checking the bus schedule in habilidade time!CPTM subway and train station mapFind ns nearest station and have a subway and CPTM mapa of São paul in your hand to facilitate your routes.Real-time bus scheduleFollow a bus schedule in habilidade time e see como as long it will pegue to vai to ns stop. Friend can favor the lines of your day come day come follow much more easily e arrive without delay.User reportingUsers a partir de any an ar of the country can report occurrences in deliver such as changes in bus schedules, volume or various other unforeseen occasions on ns route. Check a reports são de the user community and define your best route!Shared BikeSee shared bike stations, the amount available e how to importar there faster. You can combine ns bike route com buses, subway lines e CPTM: just check a bus schedule e more via the app!Taxi and app driverWhen developing routes, we likewise combine público transport, with bicycles and taxi e private driver apps!Download to see como as to importar there and avoid delay! We estão the application that recharges your solitary ticket, traces smart routes, has a bus timetable e metro and CPTM map.Doubts, proposal or criticisms? talk to us:

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Download Quicko: cronograma de Ônibus em tempo real e rota APK Android

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