Honda" public is uma of best small cars around. Ns hatchback model builds on the sedan" all-around excellence by providing more interior space, though you may not love a styling.

The Honda civic is one all-around excellent little car, arguably the gold standard in its segment. This machine has a thoughtfully designed, high-quality interior, it supplies plenty of conventional equipment, including a Honda Sensing suite of progressed driver aids, and its real-world fuel economy is exceptional. Further widening its appeal, this tiny Honda is offered in naquela range of corpo humano styles, from naquela traditional sedan to naquela sporty coupe to a five-door hatchback. If you" in ns market for naquela small vehicle just get naquela Civic e chances ser estar you won" it is in disappointed.

prefer terrific driver-assistance technology efficient powertrain Affordable pricing Spacious doméstica Don" like the infotainment system isn" an excellent Elevated domestic noise levels Overstyled exterior

a hatchback-to-basics vehicle

This hatchback is offered in five various trims, a partir de the entry-level LX version up to the sport Touring variant, i m sorry is what I" testing here. The most an easy version Honda offers starts at just around $23,000, consisting of $995 in location fees. Naturally, my reveja unit is pricier than that, check out para around $29,905, i m sorry is still a totally reasonable sum considering all the equipment it comes with.

When it" equipe to haul a load of goods from your local big-box store, this civic is feliz to oblige. With ns rear seats up, it offers 25.7 cubic feet the space. Fold those backrests down e that figure grows to naquela Costco-worthy 46.2 cubes, a figure that, while plenty useful, is slightly less than what you importar in either naquela Hyundai Elantra GT or Volkswagen Golf, both of i beg your pardon offer more than 50 cubic feet of preferably volume.


Why is this Civic" roofline so droopy?

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Other rivals of this Honda encompass five-door version of a Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla. These rivals have actually their own strengths e weaknesses, despite I" no afraid come say that todos of them ser estar more attractive than a Civic. It" no that this Honda hatchback is ugly, it" just that it" got der lot of extra styling, em ~ fake air vents to overly busy-looking bumpers to an strange deflated roofline to its duet of behind spoilers. It is, unfortunately, not a very nice car.

It" what" inside the counts

But if girlfriend can importar past the wrapper, ns Civic" domestic is longe more pleasant, e arguably 1 of a best in this segment. Front and rear, ns seats ser estar comfy and there" many of room para heads e legs. Even taller folks need to have no complaints while cavalgando in this Honda, though older people might run into der little trouble. Ns Civic sit pretty low to the ground, which provides it almost feel prefer you" obtaining up off the floor once alighting.

The high quality of this car" cabin is extremely high. In fact, some of its interior materials estão nicer than what you importar in some luxury cars. Enhancing its versatility, the Civic" center console does much more tricks than der magician. The armrest slides fore e aft to much better accommodate various people, yet it additionally flips up, revealing der deep, spacious warehouse bin. Within this compartment are several cup holders as well as a separate storage tray. Several of this components additionally slide. There" even secondary storage cubby under the centro stack should you need more junk-stashing space.

It might be roomy e versatile, but tudo de is no roses inside this Honda. One element i don" care for is the instrument cluster. Like its body, the Civic" gauges ~ ~ unusually robotic, com odd-looking analog meter flanking naquela mildly reconfigurable center screen. A overall look at is naquela bit hokey e is i can not qualify to age very well.


A component of this automobile that" already lado de fora of date is a infotainment system. All versions of ns Civic hatch, save a entry-level LX model, come with der Display Audio system and a 7-inch touchscreen. With unattractive graphics and a challenging user interface, it is not uma of my favorite multimedia arrays easily accessible today. At least Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included. Top-shelf esportes Touring models also come with naquela premium 12-speaker audio system, which sounds fine, neither awful nor amazing.

the Civic" doméstica is rife com high-quality materials.

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Along com its prior buckets, ns rear outboard seats estão heated, which is good, but ns lack of any USB ports serving backseat passengers is not. Higher-end execution of this car come with somente two together outlets, 1 delivering 1.5 amps" worth of juice, the other a measly uma amp.

One attribute of note is ns electronic parking brake com automatic hold. Doing longe with der mechanical handbrake frees up space on the center console. E I" got to say, automatic brake hold has actually become one of my favourite features. As soon as enabled, naquela firm press of a pedal while stopped will hold the car stationary, therefore while wait at naquela light you don" have actually to guarda applying push on a brake pedal. It" naquela welcome convenience feature, one that" still reasonably uncommon in this auto segment.

The Honda Sensing security suite is standard equipment here and it" as nós vamos as ever. This contains things choose forward-collision warning, collision-mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control e lane-keeping assist. Those last dois features work incredibly well; in fact, they" part of the best available in ns industry today. Ns cruise direção with roadway centering is specifically good, keeping ns vehicle locked in a middle of its lane com minimal ping-ponging from one side to the other.

the infotainment system ain" great, however at least you get naquela volume knob.

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Power and performance

All mainline civic hatchbacks estão powered by der 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. In Sport e Sport Touring models, the delivers der respectable 180 horsepower and either 177 pound-feet of torque when paired with der six-speed handmade transmission or 162 lb-ft once bolted to a available CVT. Non-Sport variants brandish 174 hp in your under-hood stables.

Pedantic vagaries aside, this powerplant is smooth e quiet, even when to run all-out. Despite the pint-size displacement (technically 1,498 cc is 3.17 us pints, however I digress), this engine delivers plenty of midrange punch, a thick offer of torque right in ns heart the its rev range. In habituais use, ns Civic won" leaving you wanting for more potência as that feels rather lively.

While not rather as responsive together I" like, this car" continuously variable infection is smooth and helps deliver some superior fuel economy. So equipped, ns Civic Hatchback is rated at 29 miles every gallon in the city e 35 ~ above highway drives. Combined, that should return 32 mpg, though in mixed use I" seen just shy the 35 mpg. It" always an excellent when you have the right to beat ns EPA" approximated ratings without also trying.

This is probably ns Civic" least-flattering angle.

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This Honda" ride high quality is around on par for a compact car, gift neither pillow-soft nor buckboard-stiff. It strikes der nice balance in between sport and comfort. In ~ speed, however, this hatchback" cabin is der bit on a noisy side, com unexpectedly noticeable tire and wind ruckus. Another downside is the esboço, projeto of a C-pillars. They" chunky, also chonky, and seriously block rearward visibility.

Still a great choice

The 2020 public hatchback is nós vamos at just around everything. Sure, I" appreciate an to update infotainment system, some nicer instruments and toned-down styling, but the car is so essentially solid I have the right to look past these boy faults. If you" in a market for an efficient, versatile and well-equipped car but don" desire to go a crossover route, make certain to check lado de fora this Honda or any kind of of the other Civic corpo humano styles. Castle won" disappoint.