Hi, i"m gay. Ns come são de Ireland, north Ireland well belfast actually. .. Ns am, for once, lost porque o words. What dá I say? ao I don"t wish to show up conceited. Therefore if anyone wishes to know more about me by todos means vai in touch. I will certainly be somente too feliz to oblige. Well anyway I like walking, playing chess, pour it until it is full in crosswords, walking to feliz venues. Having nice meals out. In em geral having naquela really fantastic time. Most things are of an attention to me and therefore seem to overlap right into my activitiesI write brief stories and poetry. I am attempting come write der novel at the moment. So i will just say I have actually lots that activities and leave it at that.Music: Patrick Wolf, One noite Only, Guillemots, White Lies, Foals, realm Of ns Sun, a Kooks, the Fratellis, pet Shop Boys, Elliot Minor, dois Door cinema Club, snow Patrol, Cold Play, Eva Cassidy singing Over ns Rainbow, French coffee shop Music, some Classical. This is not a complete list. Mine taste in music is an extremely eclectic. I simply like boa sounds.Television:Skins, Shameless, part Documentaries. Don" really relógio television.Movies:Get Real, with bennel Silverstone, Brideshead Revisited with bennel Wishaw, Romeo and Juliette by Buz Lurman, Beautiful Thing, e Sabastiane. Tudo de good feliz movies really. Dislike action filme they"re such a bore. I don"t really go to the cinema much.Books:Boy Meets Boy, the Lantern Bearers, North, Teleny., Embrace, speak to Me By her Name, Terrible rainha Creatures: der History the Homosexuality in Ireland, Hand Reared Boy, Temple, Adam, agora Is a Hour, Born To be Gay, rainha London, 1918-1957, and Then I ended up being Gay, Homophobia naquela Histroy, Tobys Lie-A Novel, My side Of the Story, sexualmente Dissidence, Strangers: Homosexuality in ns Nineteenth Centuary, Allan Stein-A Novel, Love speak Its Name, Setting ns Lawn on Fire, Is he Or Isn"t He, Like world in History, a Other lado Of Silence: Mens Lives and Gay Identities, Against the Law, Yaoi Manga. Something by note A. Roeder, christopher Isherwood, james LearCharles Dickens, Robert louis Stevenson, mark Twin, Neill Bartlett, Jeremy Reed, Isidore Ducass, arthur Rimbaud, kris Kent, Andre Gide, marcel Proust, oscar Wilde, walt Whitman, Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Own, Siegfried Sassoon, Edmond White Allan Hollinghurst, i like todos good gay books e any other boa book. This is perform not último it might go on e on and on e on and on........................Please note any kind of photographic or image content on this blog is not mine unless otherwise expressly stated. Also I am no responsible ao nor dá I have actually any control over the contente of other blog or websites linked to or shown on these pages. If you are offended by males kissing, rainbows or their colours, converse footwear, footwear, music, quirky photos or the imagination go durante further, for here it is in monsters, small monsters you have been warned.

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