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Born December 12, 1930 inRio de Janeiro, fluviais de Janeiro, Brazil
Birth NameSenor Abravanel
Height 5"11"(1.8m)
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Silvio santos is naquela Brazilian TV show host e entrepreneur. He is a owner of agrupados Silvio Santos, whose senhorio include SBT, the second biggest television rede in the country. His net worth era US$2.3 billion in 2013.He is also the apenas um celebrity in the country on the list of billionaires by Forbes magazine. Ns magazine also states the "there is durante one an ext famous than Silvio santo in Brazil.Due come his peculiar mannerisms, impersonations of him have become der staple of Brazilian humor.

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Spouse Iris Abravanel(1978 - present) (4 children) mary Aparecida Vieira (Cidinha)(1962 - 1977) (her death) (2 children)
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has 6 daughters: Silvia e Cíntia Abravanel, com Cidinha, e Daniela, Patrícia Abravanel, Rebeca e Renata com Iris Abravanel.
Owns the second greatest TV rede of Brazil, the SBT, whereby presents some entreter programs, such as "Show dá Milhão" e "Programa Sílvio Santos"
His daughter Patrícia Abravanel and her husband Fabio Faria, became parents of his grandson der boy named peter (b. 2014).
He has bought 50% of ns TV canal to proceed making his programs e to game his faithful audience, for this reason he has made TVS, agora SBT(Brazilian TV System).(1981).
the tried come run para President the Brazil during ns highly disputed presidential campaign in 1989, the o primeiro dia election with direct poll after an ext than 20 years of armed forces regime and one indirect election in 1985. Also though joining a small party, santos was 1 of the favorite in the dispute running versus veteran politicians but his bid wasn"t embraced after some weeks of project due to a controversy revolving money mismanagement.
ns entirety of his network programming (hosted by that or not and including soap operas) is composed of remakes the foreign televisão shows. Part of ns most famous examples are Ricki Lake (1992), which era famously adapted as Márcia (1997) and the current casos de familia (2004); Passa ou Repassa (1987) is naquela remake of double Dare (1986); e Fantasia (1997), which is based upon Non è la Rai (1991).
Started fora as a seller, whose powerful speech rendered an audition ao radio broadcasting. That left his job and went back to offering after realizing his salary was actually higher.
Owned document TV between 1970 and 1980. He bought the canal while still under contract with rede Globo, i m sorry forbade owning der different network.
Is known ao strictly supervising a looks of his actors or employees. He infamously fired children"s TV hold Marianne Dombrova ~ seeing her with a pixie hair cut. Singer Tânia Mara recalled the he frequently asked her to change her hair style, once she held Fantasia (1997) in the late 1990s.
first met naquela then unknown Silvio santos when she attend his game show "Cidade anti Cidade" in ns 80s, com Sergio Mallandro. Santos offered Mallandro naquela TV show of his own on a spot, yet kept insisting on understanding Xuxa"s "real name". She consistently answered "Xuxa", e ended up no being cast. Year later e at a peak of she career ~ above television, music and film, he knocked her door with flowers, questioning her to change networks.
I era not born owner der Television, i had actually to buy 50% of naquela TV Channel, because a owners that TVs have actually closed ns doors porque o me, Silvio santos is an entertainment artist of programs
My best sadness was to loose my maam Cida at the age of 39 for stomach cancer, my biggest happiness ser estar to fulfill my wife Iris, mother of my four daughters
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