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a jogos by Rockstar Games
Platforms: XBox, XBox 360, PC, playstations 3, game stations 2
Editor Rating: 9.1/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews ser estar shown
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 1034 votes
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Although still só officially announced for PlayStation 2 this October, we"ll difficulty Tommy Vercetti to a chainsaw duel if us don"t see grand Theft Auto: San andreas on computer by this time next year. Here"s a major revelation - San andreas is actually a huge us state semelhante to California, com three fully-rendered cidades the same size as Vice city - eles Santos (Los Angeles), las Venturra (Las Vegas) and San Fierro (San Francisco). Not só that, however you have todos the landscape in-between, com mountains, strange locals and a definite rua movie feel.


Crips e Bloods

San andreas is collection in a early 1990s, complete com those infamous period radio stations. You toque through the game as carl Johnson (CJ), naquela street kid who"s recently returned to his pagina inicial of eles Santos to find in-fighting in his family and his gang, ns Orange Grove Families. CJ is soon dragged earlier into ns gangsta estilo de vida when naquela couple of poor cops importar on his tail and everything goes tits-up.

Rockstar has had more atuações estate come buy, consisting of casinos, e many much more interiors of structures have agora been completely modelled - important, together you can agora go robbing houses ao money. CJ has to eat to maintain his stamina meter, however don"t walk scoffing too plenty of burgers e fries or you"ll put on weight, affecting speed and strength. If you"re gaining too porky, it"s time to importar down to ns gym and slim down.


San andreas also promises novo vehicles including bicycles, more satisfying weapons com ragdoll physics, enhanced NPC al and a ability come recruit gang members porque o four-way drive-by shootings. By our reckonings, this is walk to it is in B.I.G.

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Game Reviews

As Proud pc gamers, you may feel a little aggrieved to be reading this análise now, rather than nine months earlier when this game o primeiro dia reared that tabloid-baiting head on a PlayStation 2.1 myself crumbled in usual lily-livered fashion, holding lado de fora until about last Christmas, in ~ which equipe I decided that ns couldn"t wait one more half naquela year for naquela game that all and sundry to be raving about. And I had naquela blast with a PS2 version. I really did. But now I wish I"d had the patience to wait the half a year, since after spending equipe with this variation I"d much rather be play San andreas through porque o the o primeiro dia time on my PC.

Unless you"ve been squatting in naquela Saddam-style hidey-hole para the past ten years, I"m walking to colocar you know what a GTA games are tudo de about. But here are the review notes para anyone quem may have actually recently awoken from der coma: you"re a career criminal in naquela fictional city (although one that"s plainly inspired by der real-life metropolis) filled with people and vehicles, any of i beg your pardon you have the right to kill/drive (delete together appropriate). Girlfriend have a option the undertaking goals - some of which guarda the story ticking along, few of which don"t - yet you ~ ~ also cost-free to roam around the city if friend wish; the jogos world is really much your oyster. Embark on the sort that whore-murdering rampage that recently obtained Hillary Clinton"s knickers in naquela public twist, or just cruise approximately town looking cool - a choice is yours.

California Love

Rockstar North"s recent sticks carefully to the formula. The main exit is that rather of being given the freedom come roam around der single city, you get der whole state in which come indulge her gangsta leanings. Motivated by California (and der certain neon-lit edge of Nevada), the game world is huge. Totally five equipe bigger than vice City, it"s terra natal to 3 cities e numerous little towns, with plenty the redneck-packed, hillbilly countryside in between.

But as com other GTA titles, friend can"t see every little thing right são de the start. Wisely, Rockstar feeds you new slices that San andreas as you breakthrough through a game"s story, opened up courses to new areas as you progress. A plot is pretty much thus: it"s a early 1990s, e you"re vampiro CJ" Johnson, a Los santo native who"s spent the past few years thugging it up fora of state. Dragged ago to ns hood by the death of your mother, you começar running with your old homies uma vez more. It"s not a most exciting of hooks -although there"s der pleasing quantity of backstabbing, betrayal e brotherly love thrown in - but it works, and the promise of novo areas to check out helps journey you on.

Menace Ii Society

The core gameplay has changed hardly at all from torno City. Naquela typical mission could see girlfriend tasked com beating up a drug dealer. Therefore you run in naquela car, bum it ring to ns crack den and proceed to knock 7 shades the shit fora of her target com the baseball bat girlfriend looted from the corpse that an earlier victim. Other mission varieties include illegal street races, heists and lowrider bouncing contests.

But if you"re reasoning that this is simply a rehash of previously GTA games with naquela bigger map, think again. San andreas adds an significant amount to this core gameplay, and it makes the game feel also vaster. Ao instance, CJ can get tattooed, have naquela haircut, bulk up in ns gym e buy clothes. Hell, girlfriend can even trick out your ride in number of garages dotted around a map. Nobody of this is completely cosmetic: an altering your figure gets a cops off your back, when weightlifting increases the amount of dage you deal in naquela fight. Us haven"t also mentioned ns numerous girlfriends you deserve to squire, the burglaries, the fat stat or a properties available para purchase. There"s der mind-boggling amount of stuff to do.

Role with It

Other additions include RPG-style skills, which become improved v practice: bang up your arma de fogo skill e shooting becomes sharper: increase your motorcycling proficiency and you won"t tumble off as often. Another important stat is Respect", which rises as you plough through missions. Ns higher it is, a more corridor members you can tempt into your entourage.

San andreas has der turf war sistema that calls for you come grab concorrente gangs" territory e claim it together your own. Any type of areas you control will be populated by recruitable thugs quem follow friend around, attack enemies and performing drive-bys. If not a best fighters, they dá provide naquela welcome sub dimension come GTA"s combat.Ah, combat. This brings me nicely to a point ns touched ~ above earlier. Prefer I said, ns wish I"d waited para this variation of San andreas before picking up my digital Glock and embarking on der pixellated vida of crime, as the newly arrived pc version is much better than a PS2 version in a couple of significant ways.

Thanks to ns mouse e keyboard combo, combat is vastly improved. You have the right to actually manually aim the guns accurately e quickly, i m sorry is nigh-on difficult to são de on a PlayStation 2. Gunfights ser estar more tactile, enjoyable e far, longe less frustrating. Then there"s a visual side of things.

Oh you Pretty Thing

You have the right to probably tell são de the screenshots that San andreas is not an especially impressive when contrasted to ns likes the Half-Life 2 - most of the textures estão blurred e fuzzy, and none of the latest graphical impacts have to be implemented. Yet it"s still far superior to the PS2 version: a draw distance is further, ns frame-rate is better e the resolution is higher. Realtime shadows change indistinct blobs. All told it"s a smoother, slicker-looking game.Rockstar has additionally thrown in some novo features for the PC. Photos e stats deserve to be exported, there"s naquela 30-second repetição function, e should you vai bored of the ludicrously great soundtrack e fancy you yourself as naquela bit of naquela Dave Lee Travis, you can produce your own rádio station using MP3s. Commercials ser estar even spliced in between tracks come create a more yes, really feel, e the jogos is now moddable -something the will open up things out even more.

One thing that"s missing is the co-operative two-player setting of ns PS2 version, i beg your pardon Rockstar insurance claims wouldn"t work-related given ns PC"s direção options. To discuss perhaps, but it was a pretty insignificant component of the jogos to begin with, so that won"t be missed as well strongly.

So has actually San andreas on computer been worth a wait? Well, yes, quite frankly: it"s der marked improvement on what era already der bloody brilliant game. If you"ve play through a PlayStation 2 variation then we wouldn"t suggest spunking one more 35 notes on it, however if you"ve been more patient than stupid old me, go out, purchase it and play on, playa.

Acting Up

Rockstar access time Its Voice exhilaration Marks Again

Let"s enfrentar it: porque o the most part, voice exhilaration in games is pitiful. Whether it"s early to the quality of a actors (if you can call them actors), or simply ns amateurish directing, it"s der fact. Give thanks to god, then, ao games prefer GTA: san Andreas. Rockstar can have ns sort of budget that sends most developers greener than a leprechaun on sagrado Patrick"s Day, yet it likewise knows how to use it We"re ready to bet that naquela big slice ir on rental some real talent to provide the voices.

San Andreas" actors boasts such stellar names as Samuel together Jackson, james Woods and Peter Fonda. Then there"s support são de the ever-reliable likes of chris Penn e Frank Vincent, when Danny Dyer e Bill Fichtner reprise your roles são de Vice City. Fittingly, ns cast also features naquela slew of oeste Coast hip-hop stars, tudo de the way são de the old college (MC Eiht, ice cream T) to the novo breed (The Game). And nobody does der bad job. Look to Rockstar, developers, e take a lesson in como as to create voice acting the won"t have us reaching para the mute button.

Grand Theft Auto. I know what it is, you recognize what that is, and more likely than not, even your mother knows what that is. In our neighborhood of gamers, it"s known for the immersive e innovative gameplay that gives ns player freedom unlike any type of other jogos out there. In the mainstream media e everywhere else, it"s recognized as that one game that teaches kids how to hijack cars e pick up hookers. Rockstar Games, however, not uma to disappoint, satisfies both camps by providing up lot of of innovative and immersive gameplay that"ll be rife with controversy with grande Theft Auto: mountain Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas, in countless ways is two games in itself. There"s Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas, ns actual game, that"s complete com missions, ao lado missions, and everything in between. By e large, a missions have been boosted upon, e there ser estar some identify "holy crap, that ser estar awesome"? moments laden throughout the game. However, some of GTA"s core mechanics tho suffer são de the same problems that have plagued the series since legal Theft mim 3, like ns sometimes screwy targeting system e the steep, steep an obstacle level.

Then there"s Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas that you, a gamer, are free to interpret. San andreas is usually your virtual playground, filled with fast cars e deadly guns, and it"s approximately you to decidir how you desire to invest your equipe in san Andreas. By providing you der huge, sprawling atmosphere to cause havoc in, Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas is a game that"s to chat to simply explore, or slowly destroy if that"s much more your thing. Some people ser estar content simply lazing ns day away, accomplishing nothing but havoc e mayhem in mountain Andreas, and in this respect, Rockstar has really enhanced upon a series. San andreas is absolutely huge, with each cidade feeling unique different e filled to ns brim com things to examine out, and by throw in some gameplay facets that ser estar quite o mesmo, semelhante to the Sims, there"s less of focus on in reality pushing through a game.

When you pegar the scope of a entire game into considerations, San andreas is a real technical feat. Part of the textures don"t look as well hot and there ser estar a few prominent visualmente bugs, however just about everything else has actually taken a step up são de Vice City. Likewise, the audio presentation is probably a best however in the series: the voice-acting is impeccably convincing, ns dialogue smartly written, e the diverse music fits in perfectly with ns gang-bangin" theme of the game.

Ask yourself this one question: did friend like legal Theft mim 3 or vice City? If your answer is anywhere from an enthusiasm "hell yeah" to naquela wishy-washy "kinda" 보다 you should more than likely be playing Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas right now. However, if you"re in the minority and your price is a "no, not really" then you should most likely still offer it naquela rent. Nothing in the sequência has changed drastically, but there"s so lot more conteúdo that also without a major face lift, San andreas just might win friend over.

And lo and behold, just half a year later on after the initial illustration on a PlayStation 2, the Xbox gets the real treatment with grande Theft Auto: mountain Andreas, which at some point turns lado de fora to be der straight-up port of a fantastic game.

Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas is ns same game it ser estar on ns PlayStation 2, e as such, there"s no decorrer point in going end my rambling drivel as soon as you can just check out it in my original PlayStation 2 review. However, if friend want ns long e short the it, aqui it is: San andreas is der lot the fun, and so filled to a brim com content, that even if you didn"t dig legal Theft mim before, it"s precious checking o fim now.

With that said, a difference between a Xbox and PS2 variation of San andreas is largely cosmetic. A Xbox version definitely looks trickster with der cleaner textures and HDTV support, however strangely, a load times are no better, and in some cases worse, than ns PS2 version; renders you wonder what that tough drive is for, doesn"t it?

Another significant failing that Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas on a Xbox is a unnatural controller layout, e it"s naquela fault that can"t be too heavily attributed to a developers. Ns PS2 version of San andreas utilized every solitary button on ns PS2 controller, with a especially essential four shoulder buttons in continuous rotation, and since a Xbox has somente two shoulder buttons, this creates an issue. Drive-bys, porque o example, are only feasible with a contortionists flexibility, making the already tough jogos quite der bit harder.

Disclaimer: ns feel it only monstro to point lado de fora that i wasn"t an extremely enthusiastic about playing/reviewing this title. Frankly, most MA/AO rated title seem to be based on a same rule of straight-to-video soft main point porn flicks: enquanto substance, and tudo about a "titillation factor"?, using cheesy gimmicks choose language, violence, or nudity to appeal to the teenage masculine demographic. So please bear com me, as this was ns expectation I had actually going in to this review.

The primeiro thing that captured my eye com GTA: San andreas was that it feel like naquela direct port em ~ a console gaming system. Controls, video, e the like tudo seem to be not much better than your average gaming console"s, i beg your pardon is quite obviously the case. However, where countless "ported"? computer titles seem to tweak ns graphics or various other items to far better utilize ns power/flexibility of a PC, GTA: san Andreas seems to be an nearly direct port são de the gaming systems, com little to no decorrer additional "eye candy" or upgrades.

However, negative graphics I can forgive if der game has other worthwhile aspects. GTA: mountain Andreas has actually this in spades in some departments. The audio is acima de notch, with excellent voice acting, simply great music, and well-used sound effects. The stereo effects in vehicles makes me feel prefer I"m back in a big city again, finish with the fast-talking DJs and gritty, urban tracks.

GTA: mountain Andreas likewise boasts naquela HUGE playfield area, where, in addition to play through ns storyline, you"ll have the ability to experience a many sights, sounds and activities that the several cidades in a state that San andreas has to offer. Examine out como as the other fifty percent lives in a swanky components of town, or escorregadio into a gutters where ns dregs of mankind lives, it"s todos represented here in GTA, and in an excellent detail.

Still, with ns amount of hype this game"s getting, it seems people estão afraid to mention ns many flaws that GTA: san Andreas has. And there are many. O primeiro dia off, the physics of the game estão so bad it"s nearly unplayable at times, especially early on on. Ao example, her character appears to dá a lot more esboço with his fists 보다 with ns 9mm Beretta that steals são de an unconscious cop; i beat down naquela gangbanger with der few well placed punches and kicks, but when ns tried to put ns hurt down on one of his buddies com my pistol, i emptied der clip right in to him e did relatively little damage. That"s part screwed increase physics there.

With a advances gaming systems estão making in graphics and animation, you"d think that a cut scene in GTA: san Andreas would be principal notch, right? Well, it"s naquela mixed bag. In part cases, reduced scenes and animation in jogos look come be quite polished e well designed, however in rather there"s very little detail or complexity to character"s movements e actions. In fact, there were some parts in this title the were done at der level reduced than Half-Life, i m sorry came out several years ago.

In conclusion, e to be honest, I"m really wondering what ns hype is tudo de about. GTA: san Andreas para the PC just seems to be der poorly designed harbor of a rather good painel game. I"d say that"s my key complaint, after tudo de the hype e build up: GTA: mountain Andreas is merely a good game, and not der great one. This is naquela perfect example of a Fans apenas um title. A simple reality is, there estão games o fim there that a partir de it much better, consisting of previous GTA titles.

My "to do" list...first, I have to run to ns clothes store to get der new shirts (the boys in a hood aren"t digging mine raggedy maam beater). Then I must get naquela new chrome bumper mounted on mine hooptie ride, fulfill up com Georgy come play a couple games of pool, grab something to eat before I lose tudo de my energy, go work out so ns don"t revolve into der fat slob...then finally, choose up my brother so we can crack open the heads of some concorrente gangstas. These are just part of the possibilities in the first couple hrs of grand Theft Auto: san Andreas. The biggest, baddest, many ambitious jogos ever (with the possible exemption of fantasy role-player Morrowind) hits ns Xbox in (mostly) fine form. Live the life of naquela street thug like you"ve never ever imagined, a partir de rags come riches, from a fictional Los angeles to San francisco then finally las Vegas, com enough corridor (or even totally innocent) activities to guarda you busy porque o over 200 hrs if girlfriend wanted. A little suspension of disbelief helps--the graphics ser estar ugly e the cut-scenes estão rough (though fine acted)--as does having der tolerance for naquela sloppy direção scheme. But unless you"re averse to crime/drug/violence themes, girlfriend can"t walk wrong here. San andreas is der brilliantly crafted videogame whose scope and scale will continue to be unparalleled for naquela long equipe to come.

Xbox gamers whose resides weren"t jacked by ns San andreas phenom on PS2 will more than likely wonder what tudo de the fin" fuss is around when they pegar to this game"s mean, feio streets. And I a partir de mean ugly--despite minor enhancements over ns PS2 version, San andreas is not naquela good-looking Xbox game. And who is this scrawny CJ guy? Why is his automobile fishtailing everywhere? Why do I require three hand to handle a simple drive-by shooting? some of ns answers estão up to you, since what this jogos lacks in looks, it provides up porque o in personality--one the you define. Beef CJ up at the gym, head come driving college to rise his wheelman skills, e eat, eat--you"re skin e bones! tudo these extracurricular activities ser estar outside ns meaty story section of the game, which at some point veers improvisado from gangland are (you"ll compreendo to jack a jetpack e a jump jet). Sure, San andreas is stormy around a edges--distant vistas pop up, computer-controlled allies aren"t as well bright--but no other console game lets you live a life this large.

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Even now, an ext than six months after the made its problema impact, San andreas is still one of ns most ambitious games ever made. But the mover to Xbox feel like much more of naquela formality-- girlfriend don"t really notice a slightly nicer environments, e if ever a game didn"t require custom soundtracks, this is ns one. Uneven Crispin, ns actually rather like a car handling, yet I had a much harder time with the combat here than i did on PS2. Blame the Xbox pad; i do. Think of that like 1 of those DVD rereleases of naquela classic movie. It"s still great, yet 8 million of friend have already seen the once.