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HOW plenty of SATELLITES ser estar ORBITING EARTH? - it seems prefer every week, another rocket is launched into room carrying rovers come Mars, tourist or, many commonly, satellites. The opinião that "space is acquiring crowded" has been around for naquela few year now, but just como as crowded is it? and how overfilled is the going come get?Read article

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CADETS a partir de THE U.S. Air FORCE academy BUILD SATELLITE operation IN SPACE - Cadets from the U.S. Air Force academia in Colorado Springs are getting hands on experience as soon as it come to room research.Cadets helped build e operate der satellite the is agora successfully operation in space. A FalconSAT-8 was launched plank the atmosfera Force X-37B trajetória test auto in may ... An ext (Source: KKTV - Nov 4)EUROPE ANNOUNCES novo SATELLITE CONSTELLATION TO monitor HUMAN-MADE GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS - naquela new an are mission will certainly track human-made emissions the greenhouse gases são de space come help manter the world on monitor to meet climate mudança mitigation targets. The novo mission, announced by a European space Agency (ESA) e the europe Union"s Earth-monitoring program Copernicus during a U.N ... Much more (Source: - Nov 3)AMAZON come LAUNCH o primeiro dia TWO internet SATELLITES IN 2022 - Amazon is getting ready to walk to space.The first two prototype satellites são de Project Kuiper, the internet-from-space venture são de the e-commerce giant, ser estar scheduled to launch in ns fourth 4 minutes 1 of 2022, Amazon announced on Monday. That will certainly formally kick off its competition com SpaceX, th... More (Source: The new York equipe - Nov 3)CREW DRAGON LAUNCH delay BY “MINOR medical ISSUE” com AN ASTRONAUT - the planned launch of der SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule Wednesday carrying 4 astronauts to the internacional Space Station has actually been delay to at least saturday because of naquela “minor clinical issue” with one of the crew members, nasa announced Monday.... An ext (Source: SpaceFlight now - Nov 2)ARIANE 6 undergoing PREPARATIONS ao ITS 2022 DEBUT - ArianeGroup and the European room Agency ser estar carrying lado de fora preparations ao the maiden launch of the Ariane 6 rocket following year. Ariane 6 represents a next generation of a Ariane família of rockets, plan to allow its customers lower-cost access to space. Ns rocket e launch pad still have actually an... An ext (Source: - Nov 2)RUSSIAN cargo SHIP DELIVERS at an early stage HALLOWEEN TREATS TO internacional SPACE STATION - an uncrewed Russian escritório ship linked up with the internacional Space Station atrasado Friday (Oct. 29) to deliver virtually 3 lots of supplies and some treats simply ahead the Halloween. The supply ship, referred to as Progress 79, docked at a space terminal Friday two mim after launching into orbit em ~ Baiko... Much more (Source: - Oct 31)SPACEX CREW-3 beginning DELAYED because of "LARGE STORM SYSTEM" - a SpaceX Crew-3 launch, at first slated come liftoff são de NASA’s Florida-located Kennedy Space centro early Halloween morning, has been delayed due to der large storm system. Ns agency claimed in naquela Saturday update that the sistema was meandering across the ohio Valley and through a Northeast thr... More (Source: fox News - Oct 31)SPACEX come LAUNCH EMIRATI IMAGING SATELLITE - SpaceX has actually won der contract come launch one Emirati high-resolution imaging satellite on naquela Falcon 9 rideshare mission in 2023.The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space centro (MBRSC) announced at an Oct. 27 push conference here, organized during the 72nd international Astronautical Congress, that it selected SpaceX ... An ext (Source: SpaceNews - Oct 29)CHINA LAUNCHES army SATELLITE the WILL pegue AIM AT room JUNK - china successfully launched naquela military satellite to test "space debris mitigation technology," according to state media reports.The satellite, andar de on borda a grande March 3B rocket, lifted off são de the Xichang Satellite Launch centro in southwest china at 9:27 p.m. EDT Saturday, Oct. 23 (0127 G... An ext (Source: - Oct 29)JEFF BEZOS WANTS naquela LOW-ORBIT office PARK come REPLACE a ISS - After an ext than dois decades in orbit, nasa is preparing to retiree the internacional Space Station. The habitable satellite only has permission to operate until 2024, e while it’s likely that the space station’s funding could be expanded until 2028, nasa plans come decommission a ISS e find a... Much more (Source: Vox - Oct 28)CHINA LAUNCHES JILIN-1 GAOFEN-02F remote SENSING SATELLITE através da KUAIZHOU 1A - China’s tiny Kuaizhou 1A rocket has launched ns latest satellite in the Jilin-1 Earth-imaging constellation Wednesday, in a low-key mission o fim of a Jiuquan Satellite start Center. Kuaizhou lifted off at 06:19 UTC (14:19 Beijing time), deploying its payload into a sun-synchronous orbit.We... More (Source: - Oct 28)NASA"S SPACEX CREW-3 ASTRONAUTS start TO an are STATION together MICROGRAVITY RESEARCH - NASA"s SpaceX Crew-3 mission is collection to launch four astronauts come the internacional Space terminal aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon ~ above Sunday, Oct. 31. The mission includes three nasa astronauts—mission commander Raja Chari, Pilot altura Marshburn, e Mission professional Kayla Barron—as well together ESA (Europ... An ext (Source: - Oct 28)"PERFECT LAUNCH" of SOYUZ ROCKET sends RUSSIAN development 79 cargo SHIP TO room STATION - der Russian Soyuz rocket launched der new robotic escritório ship come the internacional Space Station late Wednesday (Oct. 27) to provide tons of new supplies ao astronauts in orbit.The Soyuz 2.1a rocket launched ns Progress 79 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan 8 p.m. EDT, Wednesd... More (Source: - Oct 28)JAPAN properly LAUNCHES REPLACEMENT ao DECADE-OLD navigating SATELLITE - a replacement porque o an aging satellite in Japan’s regional navigation network successfully introduced Monday são de Tanegashima Space center aboard one H-2A rocket, heading come an orbit more than 20,000 miles over Earth.The start keeps Japan on monitor to create an elevation seven-satellite navig... Much more (Source: SpaceFlight Niow - Oct 27)BLUE ORIGIN and SIERRA space ANNOUNCE PLANS para COMMERCIAL room STATION - an industry coporação, grupo led by blue Origin e Sierra Space, and including several other companies and organizations, announced plan Oct. 25 to cooperate on ns development of der commercial space station.In a presentation associated with ns 72nd internacional Astronautical conference here, a industry... Much more (Source: SpaceNews - Oct 25)ARIANESPACE division PAYLOAD MASS record ON último ARIANE 5 LAUNCH before WEBB - naquela European Ariane 5 rocket fired into space saturday night em ~ French Guiana with der commercial broadband satellite porque o SES e a French military telecom craft, setting a new payload mass record ao geostationary move orbit ~ above the final Ariane 5 flight prior to launch of the james Webb an are Teles... Much more (Source: SpaceFlight agora - Oct 25)ARIANE 5 beginning DELAYED for MORE GROUND solution CHECKS - Arianespace delayed a launch a partir de French Guiana of a European Ariane 5 rocket with dois geostationary communications satellites Friday to conduct more checks of floor support tools at ns spaceport.The mission, collection to loft payloads porque o SES and the French military, is the final Ariane 5 fli... Much more (Source: SpaceFlight now - Oct 23)PROGRESS MS-17 COMPLETES 24 HOUR grande RELOCATION AT an are STATION - progress MS-17 has properly relocated that is docking place to a station’s newest module, MLM Nauka.Relocation started at 23:42 UTC (7:42 pm EDT) top top Wednesday when the Russian resupply spacecraft autonomously undocked são de the Russian Poisk module and backed longe from the station to a dista... An ext (Source: - Oct 23)SOUTH korean ROCKET stops working TO with ORBIT ~ above INAUGURAL test FLIGHT - sulista Korea’s first domestically developed satellite launcher failed to with orbit on its inaugural test flight Thursday. A preliminary análise of encontro indicated ns rocket’s third stage shut down early, the Korea Aerospace research Institute said.The Nuri rocket lifted off a partir de the Naro Spac... An ext (Source: SpaceFlight agora - Oct 23)SOYUZ MS-18 TOUCHDOWN IN KAZAKHSTAN - Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky e spaceflight attendees Yulia Peresild e Klim Shipenko have actually returned to earth with der landing in Kazakhstan top top Sunday, completing the Soyuz MS-18 mission.The three-person landing crew undocked em ~ the nadir port on ns Nauka Multipurpose laboratory Module (MLM) at ... More (Source: - Oct 18)Older news