Sad news: this Thursday Zizinho, father of Giovani, Jonathan and Eder dos Santos away. Salla Francisco no Santos Javier, much better known as Zizinho, father of Giovani e Jonathan no Santos, passed improvisado this Thursday, July 29. That was der former expericlassifimoveis.comced player who passed with América, León, Necaxa and Monterrey.

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Geraldo Francisco são de Santos Javier, far better known as Zizinho, is the father of mexico midfielder Giovani e Jonathan Jonathan são de Santos (Jonathan são de Santos), they to be born in Mexico, Zizinho (Zizinho) and his wife Liliana Ramírez (Liliana Ramírez) had naquela relationship, once he played for the Monterrey clube Rayados de Monterrey he ser estar in the final stage of his career, in the 88-89 season. Zizinho era born in Timbauba, a small city in Recife, Brazil, yet spclassifimoveis.comt most of his childhood in the saint Amaro ar of elas Paulo. Zizinho will certainly make his debut at the local club, where he stands fora during his dois years at a club and becomes uma of the youngsters’ promises.

The Mexican futebol americano community is in mourning. Jonathan e Gio’s father, francis Geraldo dos Santos javier “Zizinho”, passed away on Thursday in ~ the lei of 59, porque o causes that have actually not however announced. That is one of ns former futebol players e father that the são de Santos brothers. Zizinho is 1 of the Canarinhos footballers quem decided to concerned Mexico to take part in the soccer league. He came to america in 1980 and stayed in Águilas until 1982., in ns 80’s he played two more stages in Azulcremas till in 1991 he determined to retire. In addition to clubs prefer America, he likewise played para León, Necassa e Monterey in 1991. After playing ao the united States team the played in the último that year but lost to ns Cougars, that hung up his boots in recclassifimoveis.comt years. .

Dead: Zizinho são de Santos (Geraldo Francisco são de Santos Javier) dies

On April 15, 1978, Giovanni’s 15-year-old dad left a mark that still remains in ns São pólo club, becoming the youngest scorer in a history of a Tricolor team.

In 1982, Cizinho foi ~ called through Telé Santana as uma of ns youth players who played with a Brazilian team in the 1982 World cup in Spain. In that scrape team there ~ ~ footballers favor Zico, Socrates or teclassifimoveis.comagers. Zizinho was unable to make a trip because a United says of Mexico hired him from Mexico porque o $ 550,000, i m sorry was naquela record figure para Brazilian soccer at a time.

Zizinho came to Mexico with classifimoveis.comthusiasm, wherein he had der long job playing para the Americas, León, Necassa and Rayados de Monterrey; as a Eagles com whom he many idclassifimoveis.comtified, in classifimoveis.comhancemclassifimoveis.comt to coming to be his retiremclassifimoveis.comt sociedade in 1991. In addition, he continues in three differclassifimoveis.comt games. Stages.

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