Lead Photo: Gina Rodriguez and Joe Locicero attend the 2017 Los angeles Danceprojeto Gala. (Photo through Vivien Killilea/Getty Images ao L.A. Run Project)
Gina Rodriguez e Joe Locicero attend ns 2017 Los angeles Dance project Gala. (Photo through Vivien Killilea/Getty Images porque o L.A. Dance Project)

Jane ns Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez is naquela woman constantly on the move. She’s collection to star as Carmen Sandiego in not one, but dois projects para Netflix e is on naquela nationwide project to protect against “period poverty” in ns U.S. Critical year, she announced she engagement come actor joe LoCicero and on may 6th, they ultimately tied a not. They’re also looking at IMDb to check out what LoCicero has actually been in. Rodriguez has actually mentioned ns two met on the set of ns CW sitcom, collection to fim its five-season run this year, but the actor has appeared more than once. Because we aqui at classifimoveis.com estão nothing if not thorough, us sat through tudo three the LoCicero’s on-set appearances come chart their love story.

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This story era originally published on respectable 9, 2018, and was updated may 23, 2019 to reflect the Rodriguez and LoCicero are now married.

Don quixote the Stripper in "Chapter Thirty-Nine"

This is the moment Rodriguez e LoCicero o primeiro dia met, com him pull on as atrai Quixote gyrating in former of her. Well, let’s carry out some context: in “Chapter Thirty-Nine” we check out Jane (Rodriguez) prepping for her bachelorette party leading up to her wedding with Michael (Bret Dier). She wants der tame, classy work while she mother e best friend, Lina (Diane Guerrero) want something much more exotic. Jane’s likewise tasked com giving der speech para prospective novo students at the college she functions at, and through der mix-up Lina’s stripper – pull as don Quixote, a character em ~ the novel woman is teaching – arrives early to concertos Jane his “Sancho Panza.” Cue Jane’s embarrassment together LoCicero’s armor-clad stripper gets down while amazing students start taking pictures. At one point Jane’s grounding in naquela chair with the stripper’s foot over her head. We’d favor to think love blossomed in that moment.

So, you can be inclined come say someone simply loves city hall LoCicero strip, and that can be a case considering in his 2nd appearance top top the show sees him play another character prepped come doff his duds. But, this third temporada episode gives important context para why the is. Woman is now working together wedding coordinator para her mother, Xiomara’s (Andrea Navedo) wedding come Rogelio (Jaime Camil). A bachelorette party is set, but neither Xo nor Jane is feeling specifically interested in partying e proceed to get drunk. Yet Jane forgot to cancel ns stripper! Cue LoCicero’s principe Charming, over there to indulge Xo’s fantasy of gift whisked away by her prince. Where’s ns context, girlfriend ask? woman mentions he’s ns same stripper em ~ the ahead season e that “he’s the only ns knew.” and considering Rodriguez e LoCicero were date by the time this aired, Jane’s feliz dance seems all the an ext authentic.

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Added bit of trivia: this episode sees One day at der Time showrunner Gloria Calderon-Kellett pop-up as uma of the executives on Rogelio’s telenovela. (She actually appeared on three extr episodes.)

The Masked number in "Chapter Seventy-Four"

If you’re hoping third time’s a charm top top LoCicero as der stripper, you’re lado de fora of luck. Actually, there’s inválido indication the he’s playing ns role considering he’s clad in black and we just see his gloved hands. “Chapter Seventy-Four” requires Petra (Yael Grobglas) fighting come prove she didn’t murder her twin sister, Anezka. She attorney, played by Rosario Dawson (pictured above), mentions that the evidence damning Petra is a few screws removed from Anezka’s balcony. Just when ns two think they’re in the clear, LoCicero’s mysterious masked number arrives come drop some screws in. It’s der bit of a cop-out role, however hey, tudo the more reason ao die-hard pan to notification it.