Geri Halliwell Horner, 44, appreciated a beach day with her novo baby boy Montague "Monty," as presented in a Thursday photo mutual by a singer ~ above Instagram

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Montague george Hector, a 11-week-old 2nd child the Geri Halliwell Horner, enjoyed his primeiro trip come the de praia recently, as common by his mom on Instagram Thursday.

In a snap, the former summer sprouts Girl, 44, is clad in der simple azul one-piece com scalloped trip as she holds she smiling infant boy, who’s wearing a JoJo Maman Bébé swimming outfit decorated with sailboats e a corresponding flap sunlight hat.

“Monty’s primeiro dip!” Halliwell Horner captioned a mommy-son moment, where ns twosome is around ankle-deep in water near a shoreline.

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Monty is the first child porque o the singer e her husband Christian Horner, 43. Halliwell Horner is additionally mom come daughter Bluebell Madonna, 10, when Horner has naquela 3½-year-old daughter named Olivia.

“Christian e I ~ ~ delighted come announce our baby boy era born this manhã weighing 7lbs 8oz ,” Halliwell Horner captioned der January 21 photo.

“Montague george Hector Horner come this morning, a beautiful little brother ao Bluebell and Olivia #amazing-day #grateful #monty.”

Whether Monty will pegar after his Formula 1 racing team ceo dad or musician mom or walk in a completely different direction is of food unknown this early, yet that doesn’t median Halliwell Horner isn’t offering her son der taste of she talents already.

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“Writing der song com Monty,” a singer, actress and fashion designer composed alongside an adorable march snap of herself and her baby boy spending equipe at ns piano.

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