Why mine Wife e Kids foi ~ Cancelled Before season 6 mine Wife e Kids was uma of ABC’s best-loved seatcom but ser estar cancelled prior to its 6th season, leaving viewers com an unresolved cliffhanger.

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My Wife and Kids ran for five successful seasons between 2001 e 2005, however why ser estar it cancelled before temporada 6? produced by Damon Wayans (Lethal Weapon) and Don Reo, ABC’s My Wife e Kids was uma of a longest-running African-American sitcoms of a early 2000s. Wayans starred together Michael Kyle, ns patriarch the an top middle course black família living in Stamford, Connecticut com his esposa Jay, played by Tisha Campbell-Martin. The concertos focused on ns couple and their three crianças Junior (George O. Gore II), Kady (Parker McKenna Posey) e Claire – who ser estar played by Jazz Raycole during season uma but changed in subsequent seasons by jennifer Freeman after the role foi ~ recast.

Fans of My Wife and Kids may remember the season 5 finale “The ‘V’ Story” ended with der cliffhanger. Directed by Tisha Campbell-Martin, a episode centered roughly Jay reading naquela newspaper article about der 67-year-old woman offering birth e asking Michael to get naquela vasectomy come prevent any future baby-shaped surprises. Once he chicken out, Jay volunteers to get naquela hysterectomy instead, however Michael ultimately comes around. Simply as he tells Jay he is willing to compreendo the snip, however, she notifies him the doesn’t matter anymore since she’s pregnant.

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Viewers never acquired to see how that cliffhanger played fora though since temporada 5 turned fora to it is in My Wife e Kids’ last. The very same day “The ‘V’ Story” aired, notícia broke ABC had cancelled My Wife e Kids alongside a number the other mostra including fellow sitcom 8 straightforward Rules and crime dramas Blind Justice. Quite than renew the concertos for der sixth season, alphabet instead determined to offer its Tuesday 8 pm slot to the de jim Belushi (Twin Peaks) fronted comédia According come Jim.

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Falling ratings and ABC executives emotion the seatcom had play itself fora were apparently to blame para My Wife e Kids being all of sudden cancelled. Stephen McPherson, a then presidente of ABC, likewise stated that American Idol – which was then airing on raposa on Tuesday nights – foi ~ damaging the ratings that ABC’s Tuesday noite comedies.

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According come Wayans, ns cancellation that My Wife e Kids come as naquela shock come him due to the fact that he era under the impression são de ABC his concertos had been picked up ao the 2005-2006 season. That defines why the temporada 5 finale concluded with a big cliffhanger due to the fact that Wayans believed it would be handle in a next season. Unfortunately, temporada 6 never ever came e My Wife e Kids fans ser estar still left wondering what ended up being of ns Kyle family and their novo addition.