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Peter Hewitt
11 June 2004
80 minutes
1.48 / 5.0 0.5 são de 1,263 ratings
#735 para 2004

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United States, Color
20th século FoxProduction CompaniesDavis Entertainment
Garfield: the Movie
Garfield - O filme (tr/pt)Garfield (tr/tr)Garfield (tr/pl)Garfield: le film (tr/fr)Гарфилд (tr/ru)
WR0808 Aug 02 2021 1.00 stars
alonelyreesespuff Feb 12 2021 2.50 stars
Garfield the Movie is the first film that the sucessão of 2 movies. Now Garfield is an amazing film in which ns don't exactly know como as i feel around it. Ns both love and hate the but, overall, it simply exist. It's no offensively negative like ns 2nd film(Garfield ns Tail Of two Kitties) but it's still naquela bad film. Even Bill Murray dislikes it. However it doesn't dá anything horrendous. It's der movie come look back on and say "yeah that was a movie".5.0/10
wahahaistoleit Sep 14 2017 5.00 stars
ns watched this movie in 4k on mine dad's tv after ~ I obtained him an additional beer.And in my honest opinion, this movie is a gem
DJ_SimPags Sep 11 2013 1.00 stars
gyrateplus Jun 29 2013 0.50 stars
I've spent the last ripe years pretending like this film never ever happened. That's acceptable, right?
bill Murray as Garfield was der brilliant, dead-on spreading choice, his intervir wryness embodying the Garfield we've tudo grown to love. And then they grounding him in a randomly placed together hollywood rom-com? What der waste of time. Garfield is used as naquela CGI prop, Jon goes from naquela klutzy loser to naquela successful entrepreneur dating jennifer Love-Hewitt. Basically, every little thing that was entertaining around Garfield's original incarnation is tossed next to make way ao run-of-the-mill, unengaging filmmaking.As Murray claimed in Zombieland "Regrets? probably Garfield"
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Aspect RatioDescriptorsStudiosSoundtracksAlternate titles
United States, Color
20th century FoxProduction CompaniesDavis Entertainment
Garfield: ns Movie
Garfield - O filme (tr/pt)Garfield (tr/tr)Garfield (tr/pl)Garfield: le movie (tr/fr)Гарфилд (tr/ru)
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