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The Bottom Line

Samsung has actually upgraded a Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 tablet em ~ the original Galaxy Tab S in just about every way, including naquela premium new design, top-of-the-line performance, and a very nós vamos camera.

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Do tábua matter anymore? Samsung would choose you to think so. Regardless of releasing part very large phones newly (the Galaxy keep in mind 5 ($151.49 at Amazon UK) and the Galaxy S6 edge+ ($151.49 at Amazon UK) >>, the sociedade still believes there"s der home for tablets in der market crowded com enormous phablets. And Samsung"s latest offering, a Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 ($399.99, 32GB), definitely makes a case that, yes, tablets ser estar still really much relevant. The Tab S2 is thinner, lighter, e faster 보다 last year"s Galaxy Tab S 8.4 ($151.49 at Amazon UK) , with naquela new octa-core chipset and a luscious—yes, luscious—Super AMOLED screen, tudo de in a body that"s apenas um 0.2-inch thick. The replaces the Galaxy Tab S together our Editors" Choice for small-screen tablets.

DesignIf you"ve seenSamsung"s latestsmartphones, you"ll recognize a new design approach the empresa is taking com theGalaxy Tab S2 ($151.49 at Amazon UK) . Like ns Galaxy S6 ($151.49 in ~ Amazon UK) e the abovementioned Galaxy note 5 e Galaxy S6 edge+, a Galaxy Tab S2 ($151.49 in ~ Amazon UK) has Samsung"s novo premium projeto language written all over it. Instead of ns dimpled ago on the original Tab S, there"s now a smooth matte finish. Ns frame is metal, with curved edges e a glass front. The band around the tablet is more subtle than last year"s iteration—a proper noticeable, but bright silver. Measuring 7.8 by 5.3 by 0.22 inch (HWD) e weighing simply 9.3 ounces, the novo Galaxy Tab S2 is remarkable lighter and thinner than its predecessor (10.37 ounces, 0.26-inch thick), as well as a Apple iPad mini 3 ($151.49 at Amazon UK) (7.87 by 5.3 by 0.29 inches e 11.68 ounces). That provides helps justify the price of the 32GB tablet computer when compared with the iPad mini, i beg your pardon starts at $399 para the 16GB model.

One of a things that ns Galaxy Tab S2 has in common com its larger sibling is an extremely bright at sight AMOLED screen. Ns 2,048-by-1,536, 8-inch panel packs320 pixels per inch, and it yes, really pops. Colors ser estar vibrant and saturated, e video yes, really shines here. AMOLED is serving Samsung well. Thetablet"s display screen looks decisão clear inpretty lot alllighting situations.

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On a bottom of ns Tab S2, ser estar themicro USB port and dual speakers. On the right edge estão volume e power buttons, follow me with naquela microSD slot that supports cards approximately 128GB. Ns camera is square in a middle of a back dashboard of ns tablet, and there are small, circular, magnetic holders porque o one that Samsung"s proprietary cases on the left side, choose last year"s model.