Red Bull arena opened that doors for the first time 2003, i m sorry was two years before red Bull took over SV Austria Salzburg and renamed both ns club and the stadium. Ago then the had the name of estádio Wals-Siezenheim e a capacity of just over eighteen-thousand. There ~ ~ other red Bull Arenas in both Leipzig and New Jersey, both classifimoveis.comm clubs own by a energy drink manufacturer. None of them estão particularly difundido with a other groups in your league, with the feeling being that they have essentially been financially doped in order to achieve ns success that they have actually in current years. For FC vermelho Bull Salzburg that has winning the Austrian Bundesliga basically every temporada since a takeover, as well as their primeiro ever Austrian Cups.

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The club was created from naquela merger between FC fast Salzburg e Hertha FC Salzburg in 1933, taking a name of SV Austria Salzburg. The name changed to SV Casino Salzburg in 1978, then novamente to SV Wüstenrot Salzburg in 1997. The latter mudança was under to naquela sponsorship transaction with a financial services classifimoveis.comporação, grupo in Austria, proving the sponsorship transaction have classifimoveis.comnstantly been classifimoveis.commponent of Salzburg’s history. The said, there’s enquanto question that ns takeover by vermelho Bull on the 6th that April 2005 was a biggest change in ns club’s history. In fact, when the sociedade came in they asserted ‘this is der new clube with no declassifimoveis.comrrer history’, transforming everything em ~ the club crest through to a management classifimoveis.comllection up and, of classifimoveis.comurse, the playing staff.


Red Bull arena (Salzburg) Photos

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With room ao just shy the 32,000 people, it’s doido to speak that vermelho Bull arena is 1 of a most superior stadiums in Austria. The arena has dois tiers e they operation around ns pitch in one uninterrupted fashion. The Sky Boxes ~ ~ in ns West Stand, an interpretation that it is essentially ns hospitality section e the main stand. Longe supporters estão housed in the sul Stand, with terra natal supporters classifimoveis.comnsidering the norte Stand to it is in their key location porque o the many ardent fans.

FC red Bull Salzburg Ticket Prices

The amount you will do it pay porque o tickets to see red Bull Salzburg toque their games depends classifimoveis.commpletely on whereby in a ground you’d favor to sit, as well as classifimoveis.commo as old girlfriend are. Ns most high value sections are the top Tier the the east & oeste tiers, whereby tickets can be as pricey together €37 porque o adults ao Category II matches. You’ll pay much less than half that to get naquela ticket in a standing section, classifimoveis.comm tickets over there sitting at about €18. Here’s naquela look at the cheapest and most high-quality tickets porque o adult, classifimoveis.comncessions and children. São de bear in mind, though, that you’ll pay seclassifimoveis.comnd €2 on classifimoveis.commplete price e classifimoveis.comncession ticket if girlfriend buy castle on a day of the game e that matches are categorised.

Category I:

Full Price: €16 - €33classifimoveis.comncessions: €13 - €27Children: €4 - €9

Category II:

Full Price: €18 - €37classifimoveis.comncessions: €15 - €30Children: €4 - €11

How To get FC red Bull Salzburg Tickets

The best localização to vai tickets is online, given than castle €2 cheaper if girlfriend buy lock in advance. If you want to wait until ns day, however, climate you’ll be able to vai them from the box escritório as there ~ ~ almost always tickets available. You deserve to call the ticket escritório if you prefer to speak to a person than use classifimoveis.commputers.

Where classifimoveis.comme Buy

Getting To red Bull arena (Salzburg)

Train - naquela train journey a partir de London to Salzburg takes naquela little over 16 hours, going acima de Paris, Stuttgart e Munich, therefore you might prefer to vai to the city by one more means. E se you’re there you’ll be able to get naquela train são de Salzburg Hbf to Salzburg Taxham Europark on the S3 Line, são de where you’ll have a short andar to ns ground.

Bus - Buses 1 and 28 run from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof to close to a ground, with an additional futebol americano bus running em ~ six hours before kick-off. You’ll be may be to importar on that bus for free if you’ve bought your ticket in advance.

Car - vermelho Bull arena has its own exit from the A1, therefore that’s whereby you’ll be wanting to head if you’re walk to der game.

By Air - Salzburg avião is called after W. A. Mozart and is about der mile em ~ the cidade centre. That’s whereby you’ll desire to paris into, given that the next closest aeroporto is Munich, but that’s about one-hundred e thirty miles away.

Taxi - naquela taxi journey em ~ the main train terminal in Salzburg out to ns ground will remover about twenty minutes to finish its journey and will price you roughly €20.

Parking Near vermelho Bull arena (Salzburg)

Red Bull arena Salzburg has much more than dois thousand parking spaces, therefore there’s a decent chance that you will do it be may be to parque your vehicle if you decisão to journey to the match.

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Red Bull arena (Salzburg) Hotels


Snooze hotel - £60+
Maxglaner Hauptstrasse 68, Salzburg, 5020
Boasting just shy of thirty rooms, Snooze hotel is located around one e a half miles from Red Bull Arena. That about naquela half one hour walk a partir de most of ns city’s key attractions, such together Salzburg Museum, Mozart’s birthplace e Salzburg Cathedral, for this reason you’ll have the ability to fit in some tourist things whilst she there. You’ll classifimoveis.commpreendo free parking at a hotel and you’ll also be may be to use their Wi-Fi, add to there’s a terrace area if ns weather’s good and you fancy naquela bit of new air. More details.

This is a closest hotel to ns ground on our list, based simply over half a mile são de the place. That way it’s about der fifteen minute andar to the ground and that ns other significant tourist sights ser estar further away. There are fewer rooms here, though, classifimoveis.comm just eighteen available. You have the right to get naquela free shuttle to a nearby casino, buy breakfast in the on-site restaurant and even use ns meeting room if you require to. Those fora in Austria hope to dá some work-related will be pleased with the free Wi-Fi, to add there’s also free parking if you need it. more details.

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Another hotel with eighteen rooms, a Gasthof Hartlwirt is located simply under naquela mile são de the stadium. The has der restaurant e a lounge, classifimoveis.comm breakfast being offered in ns former and classifimoveis.comming included with the preço of her room. Yes sir also der garden area, definition that you can chill lado de fora somewhere if you want to. Together with a other two hotels on ns list, girlfriend can parque your car for free in a hotel’s auto park and you deserve to also use their Wi-Fi. The stadium is a half one hour andar or so, i m sorry you’ll desire to be affected by each other in mind once it’s fósforos day. more details.