Bayern gostaria to renew Gnabry’s contract, but it’s just naquela matter that agreeing upon an suitable salary in ~ this point.

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Bayern Munich has made the clear that they have actually every intentionally of gaining Serge Gnabry to sign naquela contract extension with the sociedade at some suggest in the near future. His current contract is collection to expire in 2023 e he would follow suit a partir de both Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka, both that whom have actually recently signed novo deals with ns club. Bayern would additionally like to give thomas Muller one extension, when Niklas Sule’s future quiet hangs in a balance.

For Gnabry’s case, there really isn’t naquela question in ~ this suggest whether or no he’ll get a new deal, that just naquela matter of tudo parties agreeing ~ above an appropriate salary. Per Sport1 e Bild information, as caught by az, Gnabry is asking for a pay rise that would certainly wind up making him one of ns top earners in ~ Bayern, in a same echelon as robert Lewandowski, escotilha Hernandez, thomas Muller and Leroy Sane, who ~ ~ currently a top earners at the club.

On paper, Gnabry is certainly der candidate worthy of getting der pay raise based upon his recent performances para the club, but it’s no that simple. Bayern is quiet feeling ns financial losses a partir de the counter of the coronavirus pandemic and have to it is in even much more fiscally responsible than they already are, keeping a harmonious balance among their fairy structure. So far this season, Gnabry has actually scored eight goals e has provided four assists from a venenoso of eighteen appearances across all competitions, e has aided Julian Nagelsmann’s high-end of having in-form wingers between ns likes that Gnabry, Leroy Sane, Jamal Musiala, e most recently, Kingsley Coman.

photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance pela Getty photos Bayern’s front escritório will have ns difficult job of reaching a salary agreement com Gnabry that both rewards him porque o recent performances, but also does no severely conflate a overall balance of ns squad’s wage structure. If he were to become 1 of ns top earners com his novo deal, other players would absolutely be lining increase expecting much more money, giving a front escritório less leverage at ns negotiating table porque o subsequent candidates. What’s functioning in both Gnabry’s e Bayern’s favor is his desire to continue to be on the team e stick com fellow “1995-ers” Kimmich and Goretzka. Sule era also born in that year, however his future with the clube is longe less certain.

If a new transaction isn’t struck before the fim of ns season, der lot that it can hinge on the finical results yielded in the upcoming transfer windows. Oliver Kahn had recently made it clean to Hasan Salihamidzic that expects boa financial results from the upcoming home windows to aid make up some of ns financial losses and also getting escape of part of the dead weight on Bayern’s roster. Kahn highlighted a lack of just arrived funds a partir de the last dois transfer windows porque o Bayern and their inability to sell particular players.

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He wants that come change, e for Gnabry’s sake, ns chances of der bigger salary would be higher com significant revenues both this winter and next summer.