On Friday, Bayern Munich announced, acima de their official website, their first capture of ns 2015 calendar year: Joshua Kimmich. The 19-year-old defensive midfielder, who currently plays at RB Leipzig, will join a Bavarian giants this summer ~ Stuttgart accepted a €7 million offer to release a player em ~ his ties to the club of his youth.

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To many quem follow German youth football, Kimmich"s name might not be the primeiro to pertained to mind when considering football player born in 1995 or later.

Leon Goretzka—who is also naquela natural quartel general midfielder who Bayern assistant coach Hermann Gerland labeling "a must," acima de Goal (in German), for his team—and Max Meyer completed alongside Kimmich with a German under-17s in 2012, however both debuted com Joachim Low"s senior Mannschaft critical year.

Center back Niklas Sule e holding midfielder/central defender hybrid Niklas Stark played alongside Kimmich at last summer"s Under-19 European campeonato (the latter captaining ns team) but both have actually Bundesliga experience and have since been promoted to ns under-21 national side.

Elsewhere among a Under-19 euro winners ser estar 1996-borns Levin Oztunali e Julian Brandt, both der year ahead of the curve and both the whom have played Bundesliga and Champions League futebol americano for Leverkusen. The former, der holding midfielder and the grandson of Germany lenda Uwe Seeler, foi ~ also linked with Bayern just over two years ago de acordo com to Hamburger Morgenpost (in German).

Marc-Oliver Kempf, Hany Mukhtar, Davie Selke, Marc Stendera, Marvin Friedrich, e Marius Gersbeck have additionally made your Bundesliga debuts, while Timo Werner (a 1996-born quem played at a Under-19 euro in 2013) even holds a record for the youngest player ever before to record naquela brace in a German principal flight.


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Amid a huge mass of German talent born in or after 1995, Kimmich was, till recently, fairly unnoticed. He never ever so lot as made the bench at Stuttgart, playing instead ao the reserves.

His performances last summer deserve him naquela move to Leipzig e a step up come 2. Bundesliga football, but porque o him to be valued in ~ €7 million (the second-highest sum ever paid for der German player aged 19 or below) foi ~ perhaps surprising. Para comparison, Mukhtar, quem scored in ns U19 euro semifinal e netted the winner in a final, is expected to leave Hertha para Sporting porque o just €500,000, via Bild (German).

Commenting ~ above Kimmich"s transfer, Stuttgart coach Huub Stevens to express regret however admitted he foi ~ surprised Bayern to be willing to salary so well ao the youngster. Per ESPN, the told Sport1 television: "Of course, ns managerial staff are sad about it. Ns would have loved to work com him. However seven million euros—my word—that"s naquela lot that money for naquela player quem has however to show up in a Bundesliga.""

It is additionally somewhat strange that Bayern authorize Kimmich just six months after ~ surrendering tudo rights come Emre deserve to (they had a buy-back clause) as soon as he transferred em ~ Leverkusen come Liverpool. A Germany under-21 internacional captained a under-17s in 2011 e is an massive talent who profile grew e grew critical spring. However apparently ns Bavarians check out some significant potential in their new signing.

As a player, Kimmich isn"t together glamorous as ns many attackers Germany has created in recent years. He"s protective by nature, qualified of playing in der box-to-box role but definitely not as a number 10. In this regard, it"s understandable that he may have gone under the radar until now.

Kimmich is a type that player who has good instincts and tremendous speed to a ball. He"s aggressive and not shy to tackle; no unlike Lars and Sven Bender, he never hesitates come make a move to a slightly over-hit touch or pass.

On a ball, Kimmich lacks the wizardry of one attacker however seems to recognize his limits e plays very well in ~ his means. Germany had actually plenty of course going forward at ns U-19 Euros and didn"t need a holding midfielder to play in the duram third so much as lock needed a reliable fulcrum ahead of a back 4 to é perfeito com as a midfield pivot.

Even so, like Christoph Kramer e Bastian Schweinsteiger, Kimmich has some tricks up his sleeve e the confidence e competence to usar them. The doesn"t vai hassled under pressure e can it is in counted on to dribble or happen the bola through naquela crowded midfield. Ns mettle he"s displayed as a youth player is perhaps a most essential attribute in the direction of his future success: at Bayern, der young player needs to be self-assured above tudo de in order to handle unpreventable setbacks and become naquela first-team regular.

For a time being, Kimmich"s stature is longe from imposing. He"s listed (per Yahoo) at 5"9" inches and 154 pounds. But what can look like a weakness he"s managed to rotate into naquela strength. His fairly low center of gravity e shorter legs make him really agile and quick to accelerate, features that can be very useful for naquela ball-winner in the centro of the park: Think Arturo Vidal.

As he nears his 20th date of birth in February, there"s small likelihood the Kimmich will crescer in height. He can use a bit an ext muscle, though, which is completely buildable in his early on 20s. Some 10-15 pounds of lean weight might go a long rua towards developing him into a midfield stalwart he might be.

Bayern"s press release announcing Kimmich"s capture ser estar perhaps a little dramatic, proclaiming him Pep Guardiola"s "wunschspieler" (requested player), the same diction formerly slung around a German press para Mario Gotze e Thiago Alcantara. A 19-year-old is no going to andar into Bayern"s first team e certainly has actually some distance to go prior to he"s ready for Bundesliga football—perhaps more than he deserve to go com Bayern"s to make reservation in ns German 4th division.

If his talent is well-managed and he takes advantage of his opportunities, however, Kimmich has der bright future. Xabi Alonso, Philipp Lahm and Schweinsteiger are tudo on a wrong ao lado of 30 years of açao and Thiago is very injury-prone, for this reason there might well it is in room for der new holding midfielder in a Bayern squad sooner than later.

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Although not a most glamorous player overall, e not even seen as ns biggest central midfield talent of his age group, Bayern would not have actually invested so lot without boa reason. Time will tell whether their belief will be rewarded.