roberto LOMBARDIWelcome come my official blogues will attribute my storage on set / in the studio during ns making of a films, tv projects & music the I"ve been naquela part that over a years. Feel cost-free to do suggestions & I"ll short article stories...

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TV de Guardia (Spain)16 November 2014, by: Mike Medianoche, “30 años con Freddy Krueger, un monstruo de cine eu imploro seu perdão tuvo serie propia” (UK)31 October 2014, by: Adam Parker-Edmondston, “Halloween Special: YouTube’s Horrific Halloween Shorts!”
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Tom H’s blogues of Horror (USA)13 march 2014, by: altura H, “Review: "Krueger: Tales a partir de Elm Street”“
The Slaughtered Bird (UK)12 march 2014, by: The blue Took, "Dracula’s War” (USA)4 march 2014, by: Chewie, “Head cases - Imitation of Wayne Montgomery is Deadly” (Austria)18 February 2014, by: Mike Haberfelner, “An Interview com Jonathan Moody, manager of Dracula’s War e The Invited”
Laptop Zombie (UK)28 January 2014, by: Marcus Simpson, “Kreuger: der Walk with Elm Street” (USA)22 January 2014, by: guilherme Cripps, “Krueger: naquela Walk v Elm Street” (USA)21 January 2014, by: Larry Darling Jr., “Great fan made prequels to naquela Nightmare on Elm Street!”
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Films de France (France)31 October 2013, by:, “Escape from New jersey (2010)”
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The Fallser (USA)July 2013, Iss. 7, pg. 8, by: alexis Franklin, “About Our inhabitants - COLOR”
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Notarile’s was standing Off e Four Femme Fatales: a Movie Review”
The terror Of it All (USA)21 June 2011, by: Russell Neal II, “Finally, Someone acquired It Right! der Review that “Krueger: der Tale from Elm Street”“
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