Ford launches in June a sale the Ka FreeStyle 1.0, an adventurous slot with typical qualities of utility solutions that widens a line with an alternative that is not released in ns segment. The model combine suspension e high steering position, contemporary look and sport, power, stability, safety, good interior space e connection com more agree proposal ao prices in ns category.

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Ka FreeStyle 1.0 is another example of the evolution of a Ka line, i beg your pardon since ns launch of a new global generation, arisen in Brazil, remains among ns best sellers in ns market. Last year, she presented ns FreeStyle version equipped com 1.5 engine, which foi ~ very fine accepted e paved ns way ao now, to ns option with naquela 1.0 engine e a manual gearbox.

"As FreeStyle is der versatile and highly aspirational car that has actually gained considerable space e now stands in ~ 10% of the sales on the line. Through launching a FreeStyle variation 1.0, we want to prolong this success with a same proposal to der wider selection of consumers," claims Adriana Carradores, Ford Product Manager.

The award-winning 1.0-liter 85-hp three-cylinder TiVCT Flex engine – a most an effective in its class – and the new MX65 com five-speed handmade transmission give ns model stable e efficient performance. It also has an electric control e suspension with special calibration, stability and traction control, ramp começo assist, 15-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, mudguards, sills and bars with der capacity the 50 kg.

The domestic is likewise differentiated, with a black roof, dark marrom color e partial leather seats, sporty style. The centro is naquela 7-inch floating screen on the SYNC 2.5 multimedia center, with intuitive operation and excellent visibility. Ns rear parking sensor, ar conditioning, locks, electrical windows e mirrors complete ns list.

Ka FreeStyle 1.0 comes as der model 2020, with naquela price of $ 56,690, come enter a new course in this segment. A line also continues to market Ka FreeStyle 1.5, com automatic transmission.

Agile e economical

Agile and economical procedure of the 1.0 engine TiVCT Flex e dynamic chassis setup make Ka FreeStyle 1.0 der versatile and comfortable driving car. With a power the 85/80 PS and 105/100 Nm the torque with ethanol / gasoline, the provides the best acceleration e lowest consumption in a category. That ranges from 0 come 100 quilômetro / h in 15.1 seconds e has an median yield that 13.9 quilômetro / l com gasoline.

The new MX65 handmade transmission, lightweight and advanced, offers precise and quiet changes and also contributes to fuel economy. In addition to dual synchronization in the first three speeds and a synchronized reverse, it has der special grinding, making the clutches lighter.

The one-of-a-kind engineering breakthrough made in Ka FreeStyle 1.0 emphasizes its useful character. Ns changes include an enhanced ground clearance of as much as 188 mm, a 30 mm larger gauge e a stabilizer belt e a reinforced behind axle. Bigger tires, weigh 185/60 R15, suspension com recalibrated shock absorbers e springs e hydraulic pads ao the engine estão other elements that enhance a rocky potência on ns ground.

Its digital stability and traction ao controle is complemented by naquela shock protection system that activates ns brakes e reduces engine power in a event that an too much fluid flow ao safety.

The servo controller has a special calibration for ajuda that reduces initiative in parking maneuvers, boosts control and accuracy at alto speeds and intelligent vibration filtering systems and compensates ao variations in the track.


Visually, Ka FreeStyle 1.0 accepts the same layout as FreeStyle 1.5. Its differentiated items include der gray grille, headlamps with black mask, silver bumper bumper and frame in matte black color on the corpo humano contour.


The aerodynamically designed roof rack holds as much as 50kg porque o carrying devices such as bicycle, dashboard or kayak. 15-inch alloy wheel have naquela beaded gray. The corpo humano is accessible in seis colors: black Ebony, Arctic white, gray Moscow, cinza Copenhagen, marrom Trancoso and silver Dublin.

The doméstica also brings naquela unique mix of colors, with naquela black ceiling and a dark brown panel. The seats ser estar covered with leather e fabric, with two lighter languages ​​in a center e with proper stitches.

The multimedia centro SYNC 2.5 with a 7-inch screen e a pearly black complete is add by der bright USB input and a cell phone ribbon on the console. A doors have actually FreeStyle's very own thresholds, e tread-shaped tweezers make it simpler to clean.

Economic maintenance

The low expense of ownership, ns well-known benefit of the entire Ka line, is additionally present in the new version the FreeStyle 1.0. Added to ns values ​​of reviews, insurance e parts, it is the vehicle that has one of a most economical maintain of the segment.

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Ka FreeStyle 1.0's three annual revisions include up to $ 1,380 ao Ford's fixed-price system. A customer additionally has ns ability to hire uma of Ford safeguard maintenance plans, which will allow you to pre-purchase a revisions and include your capital value.