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Coritiba PR haven't won any of your last 3 games against Flamengo RJ.

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When playing at home, Flamengo RJ have not falecer to Coritiba PR in their last 3 encounters.

Flamengo RJ haven't falecer in your last 15 games.

The an outcome of the o primeiro dia leg: Coritiba PR - Flamengo RJ 0-1.

Flamengo RJ haven't perdido in any kind of of your last 8 home matches.

Coritiba PR have falecer 5 improvisado matches in a row.

Flamengo RJ have a winning streak the 3 matches.

Flamengo RJ have kept der clean paper in 4 matches in der row.

The many common an outcome of matches between Flamengo RJ e Coritiba PR is 1-0. 5 matches have actually ended com this result.

Flamengo RJ wins first half in 45% of your matches, Coritiba PR in 22% of their matches.

Flamengo RJ wins 45% the halftimes, Coritiba PR wins 22%.

Flamengo RJ's potência of the last 5 matches is better than Coritiba PR's.

In copa do Brasil, Flamengo RJ has better performance than Coritiba PR.

Flamengo RJ have falecer just uma of your last 3 xícara do brasil games against Coritiba PR.

Coritiba PR have actually won just one of their last 3 copa do brasil games versus Flamengo RJ.

Flamengo RJ have lost just uma of their last 5 games versus Coritiba PR (in tudo de competitions).

In ns last 5 meetings Flamengo RJ winner 4, Coritiba PR won 1, 0 draws.

The winner of their last meeting was Flamengo RJ.

On their last conference Flamengo RJ winner by one goals.

Flamengo RJ scores 1.4 objectives in der match against Coritiba PR e Coritiba PR scores 0.6 goals versus Flamengo RJ (on average).

Flamengo RJ scores 1.98 goals when play at home e Coritiba PR scores 0.9 objectives when playing longe (on average).

Average number of goals in meetings in between Flamengo RJ e Coritiba PR is 2.

Coritiba PR has actually streak the 2 matches with 0 score goals.

When Flamengo RJ leader 1-0 in ~ home, they victory in 85% of their matches.

When Coritiba PR leader 0-1 away, they victory in 50% of their matches.

When Flamengo RJ is under 0-1 home, they success 25% of their matches.

When Coritiba PR is down 1-0 away, they victory 5% of their matches.

Average variety of goals in the first half in meetings between Flamengo RJ and Coritiba PR is 1.2.

During a last 13 meetings with Flamengo RJ playing at home, Flamengo RJ have actually won 9 times, there have actually been 3 draws while Coritiba PR have won one times. The marcado difference is 29-12 in favour of Flamengo RJ.

Coritiba PR's last away win against Flamengo RJ ser estar in 2015.

During ns last 28 meetings, Flamengo RJ have actually won 15 times, there have been 3 draws if Coritiba PR have actually won 10 times. The meta difference is 39-36 in favour that Flamengo RJ.

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Meeting of ns teams Flamengo e Coritiba within ns tournament xícara do Brasil. Fósforos date: 16.06.2021. Fósforos time: 19:30. Estádio of the game: Maracana.

Statistics of the team Flamengo: The team Flamengo performs for the country Brazil. Current 5 matches whereby played Flamengo:Fluminense 3:1 Flamengo - 23.10.2021Clube Atletico Paranaense 2:2 Flamengo - 20.10.2021Flamengo 0:0 Cuiaba - 17.10.2021Flamengo 3:1 Esporte sociedade Juventude - 13.10.2021Fortaleza EC 0:3 Flamengo - 09.10.2021

Information about Coritiba: The sociedade Coritiba plays for Brazil. Recent 5 matches involving Coritiba:Coritiba 3:0 Sampaio Correa - 19.10.2021CR Vasco da gama 2:1 Coritiba - 16.10.2021Coritiba 0:3 Cruzeiro Esporte clube - 08.10.2021Coritiba 0:0 Riachao - 05.10.2021Clube a partir de Remo 0:0 Coritiba - 04.10.2021

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