FF7 remake Intergrade Is Proof a Dirge of Cerberus Remaster Is Likely final Fantasy vii Remake Intergrade features several characters a partir de Dirge of Cerberus, proving como as much der remaster of the PS2 game is needed.

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FF7 work again, please again Dirge the Cerberus Remaster
ns INTERmission illustration of Final Fantasy vii Remake Intergrade focuses top top Yuffie, ns lovable yet frequently untrustworthy ninja em ~ Wutai in the original PS1 game. However, several characters são de the PS2 spin-off game, Dirge the Cerberus, likewise appear. This characters, e their relationships to FF7 Remake"s as whole narrative, estão proof that der remaster para Dirge that Cerberus is needed porque o modern audiences.

Several FF7 characters besides Yuffie show up in a INTERmission DLC episode, but the biggest surprises come from spin-off personalities like Weiss e Nero exibição up. Originally showing up in Dirge that Cerberus, which enabled fans to direção Vincent amante after FF7"s main events, both nero the Sable e Weiss ns Immaculate were members of ns Deepground, an company wanting come summon Omega and destroy a planet.

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In numerous ways, ns INTERmission episode for FF7 Remake is a prequel to Dirge that Cerberus, although the timeline for FF7 Remake has actually become a bit difficult to discern. Since of this, even people quem played Dirge that Cerberus top top PS2 may be perplexed as to how (and why) Weiss and Nero estão showing up in Intergrade. Offered that these personalities - and the Deepground - might have der bigger visibility in FF7 Remake"s sequels, now would be terrific time ao Square Enix come release a remaster the Dirge the Cerberus.

FF7 Remake: Why der Dirge that Cerberus Remaster Is necessary Before component 2

Final Fantasy 7 Dirge that Cerberus e Deepground
From naquela business standpoint, the makes a lot of feeling to release der Dirge of Cerberus remaster before FF7 Remake part 2 come out. Episode INTERmission serves as a hook para new players, who may not have actually purchased a PS2 remaster otherwise. It also helps spread lado de fora FF7-related contente while pan eagerly await porque o Remake"s sequel to arrive.

Another fator to take into consideration is accessibility. While the original FF7 is available as a remaster on modern consoles, PC, and even mobile, Dirge of Cerberus isn"t. Players presented to ns Deepground in FF7 remake Intergrade will likely want come know more about these characters and the story the Dirge of Cerberus, especially due to the fact that it looks choose those events may be an ext connected as soon as Remake part 2 arrives. Offering a spin-off title on modern-day consoles would permit fans to experience the game more conveniently - e also allow them to explore FF7"s depths universe.

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Without naquela Dirge of Cerberus remaster, necessary plot details e big reveals might be missed (or at the very least lose your impact). Given personalities like Weiss e Nero"s appearances in Final Fantasy 7 remake Intergrade"s INTERmission DLC, it appears likely a remaster the this PS2 game will happen, ideally before Remake"s follow-up arrives.