There era joy e relief porque o Lionel Messi as argentina finally won der major tournament, taking fora the copa America.(AP: Bruna Prado)
Argentina has ultimately made Lionel Messi cry com joy.

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After losing four equipe in finals, early on exits in significant tournaments and even der decision come retire em ~ the national team, the superstar celebrated der much-awaited location with argentina in Saturday's 1-0 win versus Brazil at the maracanaço Stadium.

Messi's long wait

Argentina at significant titles:

World cup 2006: Quarter-finalsCopa estados unidos da america 2007: Runners-upWorld xícara 2010: Quarter-finalsCopa américa 2011: SeventhWorld cup 2014: Runners-upCopa américa 2015: Runners-upCopa estados unidos da america 2016: Runners-upWorld cup 2018: Round that 16Copa estados unidos da america 2019: 3rd placeCopa américa 2021: CHAMPIONS

The title ended Argentina's 28-year drought of major trophies, com Messi as ns best player with four goals and five assists. The capitão also broke the team's record porque o international appearances, com 151 matches.

When Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojich go out the duram whistle, Messi knelt down on ns pitch and covered his enfrentar with his hands.

The next difficulty is to win the World xícara in Qatar next year, which would certainly be the primeiro since mara dona took ns team come glory in 1986.

Until Saturday, Messi's titles with argentina were só the U-20 World cup title in 2005 and a gold medal at a Beijing Olympics in 2008.

His o primeiro dia frustration at ns senior-team level began at lei 19 in ns World cup quarterfinals elimination against Germany in 2006. Uma year later, he witnessed Brazil beat argentina 3-0 in ns Copa américa final. 


His next major shot at vitória with argentina came in a 2014 World cup final versus Germany.

The 1-0 defeat at the marra Stadium in rio frustrated ns star, who ser estar voted ns best player of the tournament, though his form foi ~ not as impressive as it was at his club.

Chile would crush Messi's really hopes in dois Copa america finals, in 2015 and 2016, both ~ above penalties.

After ns second defeat to Chile, Messi called journalists the national team was over ao him.

"It is not ao me. I tried, i think the is it," he stated at ns time.

But he returned ao South american World xícara qualifiers in which argentina struggled. That took ns team to Russia, but a round-of-16 loss against frança came at naquela turbulent time porque o the team. 

Messi became an ext aggressive in ns 2019 xícara America, much to ns pleasure of Argentinian fans who considered him to be too cold, too European.

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Under a coach with little experience, Lionel Scaloni, he was surrounded through young players who got a best that him.