Netflix released the parody of a film "Resgate", uma of the biggest successes of the streaming. Certification Whindersson Nunes, a production, which received ns name "Enclassifimoveis.comenda", plays with a possible retirement of a classifimoveis.comedian and, porque o that classifimoveis.come happen, that is important that the fulfill one last job (see below).

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The video was recorded in Pirapora do bom Jesus, in a state of elas Paulo, e is accessible exclusively on Youtube from Netflix. just end 12 minutes, Whindersson"s parody recalls a film starring kris Hemsworth ("Thor") and mixes quadrinho with moments of action. A production also features a participation of actor e classifimoveis.comedian Murilo Couto.

“Whindersson just wanted to retire e for the he would require to dá one last job. Yet it will certainly be much more classifimoveis.complex than that imagines in this parody of a movie Rescue. It ser estar better to have been cleaning a pool, right, Whindersson? ”, hoax Netflix, announcing "Order".

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On social media, Whindersson celebrated a debut of ns mini-film. “We changed Pirapora do boa Jesus in India ”, joked ns artist, quem also asks a audience if he yes, really looked favor Hemsworth.

This is a second parody released in partnership between Netflix and the classifimoveis.comedian. In November critical year, Whindersson Nunes had currently starred in "La Cantina de Papel", video clip where that lampoons a Spanish sequência "La casas de Papel", der success of the streaming service.

The film "Rescue" is obtainable atNetflix and already has a confirmed sequence. However, a platform has not however released a release date.

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