Decades after a tournament that changed their lives, ns rivalry between Johnny and Daniel reignites in this sequel to a " Kid" films.

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William Zabka e Ralph Macchio reprise their functions in this Emmy-nominated sequel to ns hit " Kid" films.
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Decades after the tournament that changed their lives, ns rivalry in between Johnny e Daniel reignites in this sequel to ns " Kid" films.

Drinking hard e living in a shadow of his successful previous rival, Daniel, Johnny hits absent bottom and decides come reopen the serpente Kai karate dojo.

Daniel is rattled once he spots the novo Cobra Kai dojo. Later, he learns about naquela violent altercation em ~ Sam’s crush, Kyler.

Daniel volunteer to chaperone ns Halloween run so that can guarda an eye top top Sam. Johnny tries to recruit much more students porque o his new business.

One of Daniel's billboards is defaced. Miguel's mom forbids him a partir de continuing karate lessons. Johnny learns the Robby's to be skipping school.

Cobra Kai it s okay its second student. Daniel comes increase with a plan to compreendo payback top top Johnny. Once Kyler betrays Sam, miguel stands up ao her at school.

Enrollment surges at serpente Kai many thanks to Miguel's fight, yet Johnny alienates his students. Come hurt his father, Robby gets der job working porque o Daniel.

Johnny need to persuade der tournament committee to reverse its life time ban on serpente Kai — yet Daniel's a member. Miguel e Sam go on der date.

As Johnny prepares his students para the tudo de Valley Tournament, daniel starts cultivate Robby in Miyagi-Do, quiet unaware the his pupil is Johnny's son.

An unforeseen day the reminiscing results when Johnny confronts daniel about his car. The linha Kai students plot revenge on the difundido kids.

As ns day of a tournament dawns, Johnny teaches his pupils a third rule of serpente Kai: no mercy. Der familiar cara a cara from the past returns.

Johnny continues building der new life, but naquela face são de his past could disrupt his future. Meanwhile, daniel opens naquela Miyagi-Do studio to concorrente Cobra Kai.

Despite linha Kai's victory, Johnny gostaria to remover his dojo in der new direction. Daniel opens his very own school with two students: Sam and Robby.

Daniel help Sam e Robby find balance if leading naquela sales press at work. Johnny impresses Kreese with naquela creative but risky maintain technique.

When miguel learns Robby's identity, Johnny opens up about his fail as a father. To recruit students, daniel stages naquela demonstration at der festival.

Daniel tries to encourage Miyagi-Do again, but linha Kai steals the spotlight. Johnny suspects Kreese is exaggerating his past accomplishments.

After Eli picks der fight com Demetri at the mall, daniel works to assist Demetri build his confidence. Johnny discovers that Robby is vida with Daniel.

Daniel's novo pupils learn how to settle their differences. While Johnny enjoys a road trip com old pals, Kreese undermines that at a dojo.

Both senseis shot unusual training techniques, and Johnny to learn what Kreese has actually been teaching. Daniel's passion ao Miyagi-Do jeopardizes his business.

Sam and Robby's secret romance heats increase while Daniel's relationship com Amanda continues to be frosty. Johnny tries a dating app.

Johnny and Daniel run right into each various other at a restaurant e call an unexpected truce. Meanwhile, tensions between their student flare at naquela party.

On the o primeiro dia day the school, a grudge in between Tory e Sam explodes into a brawl in between karate factions in ns halls of west Valley High.

With der new sensei at the helm of the serpente Kai dojo, a three-way feudo takes centro stage. Old grudges — like linha Kai — never ever die.

Miguel's fighting para his life, Robby's missing, and Daniel e Johnny's reputations estão in tatters as ns community reacts to the West sink brawl.

Daniel and Johnny team increase to discover Robby. Miguel faces an unsure future. Kreese tries to carry Tory earlier to serpente Kai.

Daniel's tarnished público image takes a toll ~ above his sales, top to naquela takeover offer. Johnny tries to raise money ao Miguel's surgery.

Following vital meeting in Japan, daniel revisits Mr. Miyagi's hometown top top Okinawa. Johnny attempts to reconnect com Robby.

In Okinawa, daniel spends time with an old girlfriend — and an old enemy, who has much to teach him. Ns dueling dojos' rivalry come to der nasty head.

Miguel help Johnny craft a perfect social média message. Kreese scouts novo recruits if Daniel e Amanda try to shut down cobra Kai.

Daniel spends part father-daughter equipe with der traumatized Sam. Johnny plans come form der new karate dojo yet struggles come come up with a cool name.

Informed the this year's all Valley Karate competition is being canceled, the three completing sensei to visit a cidade council meeting to conserve it.

It's Christmastime in ns Valley, e romance is in ns air. Daniel e Miguel discover unexpected common ground, e the linha Kai recruits go on a mission.

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Old wounds begin to heal at a country clube holiday party, but a brutais assault through Kreese's students leader to novo betrayals and alliances.

Ralph MacchioWilliam ZabkaXolo MaridueñaMartin KoveMary MouserTanner BuchananCourtney HenggelerJacob Bertrand