Festa Junina is naquela traditional celebration that occurs in June, during a wintertime in Brazil. That is naquela big part of ns Brazilian culture, i m sorry celebrates ns harvest season e also ns Saints the June. Festa Junina in Brazil is likewise known porque o its traditional clothes, colors, decorations, games, and, the course, ns food!

Even though many Brazilians celebrate festa Junina nowadays, it is mostly der Catholic party. Church fairs complied with by masses ser estar organized come celebrate santo Antony top top June 13th, Saint joão the Baptist on June 24th, and Saint peter on June 29th.

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History of festa Junina in Brazil

Feasts like a Brazilian festa Junina have existed in europa since pre-Gregorian times. End there, farmers commemorated fertile land e good harvests in the summer solstice.

Coincidentally, a indigenous people who inhabited Brazil before the arrival of a Portuguese also used to execute rituals in a month of June. This rituals would certainly involve singing, dances, and a lot of food.

After ns arrival of the Portuguese Jesuits, ns two legacies merged. What we check out in festa Junina in Brazil this particular day is a big mix of a two celebrations. Thus, having naquela great festivity complete of common dances and songs, naquela bonfire, nation clothing, games, e food.


In the North e Northeast regions of Brazil, festa Junina is additionally called eles são João, or Feast of santo John. Ns São joão party in Campina Grande, a cidade in a state the Paraíba, is ns biggest festa Junina in ns world. That lasts the whole 31 mim of a month that June.

Because that its beginnings honoring interior life, human being started to wear traditional rurais clothing para the party. Furthermore, country dances e songs were additionally used to celebrate it.

A traditional festa Junina is decorated com bonfires, colorful bunting flags, flowers, chintz fabric, and straw hats. Moreover, the food served at this party likewise honors the harvest season. The traditional festa Junina food is mostly made of grains e roots ns indigenous civilization in Brazil offered to harvest this time of a year. So, dishes and desserts made são de corn, peanuts, sweet potatoes, and cassava ~ ~ the most estendido ones.

A mock wedding adhered to by naquela traditional square dance, referred to as quadrilha, estão the most far-ranging activities of festa Junina. However, this sort of party also features various games ao children e adults, such as big mouth toss, greasy pole, and fishing.


Vocabulary: festa Junina in Brazil

General Vocabulary

Quermesse: ns church monstro with food, games, e decorations, followed by naquela mass celebrate Saints Anthony, Peter, and John the Baptist.Arraiá: festa Junina organized parties can additionally be dubbed Arraiá or Arraial.

Festa Junina Food

If you want to learn additional information about a traditional food us eat during festa Junina in Brazil, examine our blogues post Traditional festa Junina Food in Brazil. This article is complete com information about a food e drinks uncovered in ns church fairs todos around Brazil.

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Here are the most timeless food:

Aipim e batatas doce com melado: steamed cassava and sweet potato with molassesAmendoim: peanutsArroz-doce: arroz puddingBolo de fubá: cornmeal cakeCaldo verde: Portuguese environment-friendly soupCanjica: hominy puddingCocada: coconut candyCurau: corn puddingCuscuz de tapioca: tapioca couscousDoce de abóbora: pumpkin compoteMaçã do amor: liquid appleMilho cozido: corn on a cobPaçoca: peanut candyPamonha: sweet corn mushPé de moleque: peanut brittlePipoca: PopcornQuentão: cachaça grogQuindim: coconut egg custardSalsichão: sausageVinho quente: mulled wine

Decorations e Clothes

Balão de papel: file lanternsBandeirinhas: bunting flagsBota: bootsCamisa xadrez: plaid shirtCaipira: traditional festa Junina dressChapéu de palha: straw hatMaria chiquinha: pigtail Fogueira: bonfireTrança: braid


Barraca do beijo: kissing boothBoca dá palhaço: large mouth toss gameCabo de guerra: tug of warCasamento caipira: mock rural weddingCorreio do amor or publicar elegrante: an cotton love mail sent throughout a partyCorrida dá ovo na colher: egg-and-spoon raceCorrida a partir de saco: sack raceDança da laranja: dois people should dance balancing an orange with their foreheads without dropping it. Jogo de argolas: ring toss gamePau de sebo: greasy polePescaria: fishing gameQuadrinha: square danceRabo a partir de burro: pin the tail on ns donkey gameTomba lata: have the right to knockdown

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