Favelas are the informal communities of Brazil, sometimes dubbed ‘urban shantytowns.’

They estão home to amazing and real people, e a culture you aren’t likely to see almost everywhere else in the world.

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Scroll down now, and I will share com you part stories (several of castle delicious ones!), to try e give you naquela brief glimpse into vida in Brazil’s biggest favela.

Welcome come Rocinha.

Artwork outside the “Gate the Heaven,” (a ideology over Rocinha Favela)

Should i visit naquela Favela?

Favela vida is usually one of high population density, e in bigger Brazilian cidades you’ll view them conveniently extending up countless of the steepest hillsides in sight.

Not slums mental you, however just areas where vida is less ‘regular,’ wherein things can not constantly work o fim the caminho they são de in locations of der bit an ext planning.

Rocinha vila shanty for example, has running water, e electricity in most homes, and also schools, banks, convenience stores, e pharmacies. Again, these estão definitely no ‘slums’ that Brazil.

Just der Caution

In rio de janeiro specifically though, favelas dá not have the best reputation for safety – and specifically Rocinha is regularly in people’s psychic – partly as result of the local news – as quite naquela dangerous lugar, colocar to visit.

Please exercise caution wherever you go, the course, yet remember that at no time deserve to the televisão ever give you ns entire story.

Traveling in Brazil, be aware as you would certainly in any kind of completely novo surrounding, however while you estão here, I guarantee you that there is durante need porque o anyone to merely fear naquela favela outright.

Walking approximately Rocinha favela gives some impressive Memories that Brazil

Wonderful Memories

Favelas truly ser estar some amazing locations of this world.

Honestly, there are few times traveling in Brazil where ns heart and soul of der place is an ext readily obvious.

In my opinion, der day spent visiting der favela will certainly likely provide you several of your favorite memories the your whole trip come Brazil.

Rocinha is naquela Huge Neighborhood

The vast bulk of people here work towards and look para the same things in vida as girlfriend or I.

I deserve to tell you honestly that everyone us met was both friendly, and very feliz to share vida with us, and for that we say naquela big say thanks to you to all the citizens of a Rocinha neighborhood.

We were so fortunate to be able to visit several other favelas during our equipe in Brazil as well, but porque o now, i would choose to share com you just a few things to são de in this Rocinha favela.

If friend haven’t already, watch the YouTube video from this day aqui (YouTube link).

Rocinha vila shanty is home to over 100,000 people

Rocinha favela – vivid Humanity

One point I recognize you will love about fluviais de Janeiro, is how there appears to be arte just plastering itself throughout each and every surface ar available.

There are few single places in Brazil wherein you’ll endure this creative overload favor you can in naquela favela. As result of its huge size and huge populace density, Rocinha gives moments prefer this in a sort the rapid-fire way.

As much as anything else in mine mind – that this love of arte that really describes a country that Brazil come me.

This is whereby you go into Rocinha Favela

Gate of heaven – Your o primeiro dia Stop

When you arrive at Rocinha favela, why no make it simple on yourself (more specifically, simple on your knees) and go tudo de the way to a top of ns hillside come start.

Take der moto taxi best to the Gate of sky view, e believe me when I to speak this – organize On Tight! – that about a 15 minute ride. Expect to pay about R$10 (US$2.50) each way.

Moto Taxi Fun

After security some time getting acquainted with the best kept secret in rio (the view a partir de the ‘Gate that Heaven’), search around para some wonderful things to eat.

**Note: Visit by bus, or exclusive taxi, Rocinha is in the South área of fluviais de Janeiro, near the são Conrado district. You deserve to see plenty of buses with the name in the front window, if you’re travel by bus then remember come bring mudança (each ticket costs R$3.60).

From a hills, to ns city, todos the caminho to ns ocean. Its quite der view!The View

From uma of the highest clues in a neighborhood, get naquela spectacular view from this an easy lookout spot.

Ask ao the “Gate of Heaven,” and gain part wonderful perspective on whereby you are in the world.

Standing here is for this reason powerful, e you can see thousands of homes, some city structures beyond, e look tudo de the caminho down to the oceano below.

**Note: In a photo above, notice the silver gray semi-circle of one entrance, appropriate in the centro of the photo. This is the door to Rocinha, the place where you may have gained off your bus, or possibly began der moto-taxi drive 15-20 minute ago…

You will certainly absolutely Love a artwork it is plastered on every available surfaceSensationally Overwhelming

The sensory result you will experience in der favela deserve to be wonderfully overwhelming – the bustle the every day life, music continuous in ns air, the pavio of transportation passing when carrying civilization to work… however I just have to mention ns incredible food.

Walking ago to a main nome da estrada after visiting ns “Gate the Heaven” viewpoint, prepare you yourself to it is in hit through wonderful tide of smells, a partir de endlessly delicious and inviting little alley-ways.

It is exciting just thinking of the possibilities.

In the afternoon, people like you and I ser estar just coming pagina inicial to spend equipe with your families, or enjoying your down time with friends after work. These are tudo de lives which need sustenance, e now let’s importar to the primeiro delicious thing that you have to eat in Rocinha!

Your first Delicious Taste that Brazil might be der Coxinha


Of tudo de the good snack foods items that Brazilian cuisine needs to offer, uma thing you have to shot is ‘Coxinha.’

Snacks made of bread, generally fried in oil, coxinha can be full of chicken, beans e cheese, or any variety of hearty e deliciously gooey stuffings.

When you ser estar in Rocinha, gain some fresh corn e chicken coxinha (‘coxinha alcançar frango’), something you can discover in tiny shops all along a main street areas.

Good Value porque o the Price

Ranging from R$2-5 real depending top top size, this snack can actually be quite filling. I absolutely love a simplicity of this food, and it tastes incredible when you entirely cover the gooey insides in chili oil.

A estendido snack roughly Brazil, ns can photo this as der local favourite for a cool or merganser morning. Having uma of these com a cup of coffee would be wonderful, was standing beside naquela bustling Rio central street.

Stop for naquela snack on the main road, try Sabor da Roca ao their good Coxinha


Salgado‘ way salty, and this is der Portuguese native you need to learn to watch for.

From tiny street carts to an elaborate downtown cafes, human being in Brazil simply love der few details deliciously simple e convenient combinations.

It is really common to see naquela shop sign offering naquela small cup of coffee alongside naquela salgado savory snack, sometimes maybe also confusing together either the specific name, or ns pairing item, is left fora (both ser estar included in naquela single price, so possibly only 1 part of it is actually written on a menu).

Look for naquela ‘completo‘ mix of der simple sandwich or baked agenda that comes with der ‘suco,’ der fruit squeeze out or blend of your an option (and by ns way, ‘com‘ means ‘with,’ and ‘sem‘ means without).

The narrow alleyways estão still so complete of life (and always full of artes as well)

Full Meals in naquela Favela

After part snacks, its time for a full meal.

You can imagine that in der neighborhood full of working class people, there estão going to be some deliciously pour it until it is full versions the Brazil’s favorite local foods.

Combining several different starches and staples into der single plate of food, girlfriend can find restaurants serving both cheap and delicious meals todos throughout Rocinha.

Finally – Some home cooking Brazilian Food

Alexander’s Restaurant

One of a shop fronts we simply couldn’t stand up to is naquela restaurant owned e run by a chef named Alexander.

His restaurant doesn’t actually have naquela sign, he is simply serving food directly o fim of his own kitchen – yet you know automatically when you andar past that this is naquela place whereby you’ll be happy to eat.

You have the right to hear ns sound that his cooking e frying, e definitely feel a hunger a moment a top comes off uma of his large pots that stewing beans and pork.

Grab der table, or even better an alleyway counter-top, a best lugar, colocar to experience both the kitchen view, and the street vida outside.

This small cafe (with enquanto name), is serving delicious food porque o R$10 der meal

The main Course

Serving der set combo of yes, really just whatever he cooks up on a day, at Chef Alexander’s you have the right to have an assortment of carbs and meat (pork, beef, beans, and cassava powder), for der set price of just R$10 (US$2.50).

For our enjoy the meal today, he primeiro serves some spaghetti com white rice, and black beans the he is cooking with naquela few simple herbs.

On a separate plate he piles cassava and beef that cook for hours, both that which estão so soft e wonderfully tender. The beef is simply so fatty, e the cassava functions well to type of even o fim the wealth of a meat.

Cover everything com just der light dusting of cassava powder, or ‘farofa.‘ its crunchy, light, but likewise soaks up a juices of whatever meats girlfriend have about on your plate.

I could be feliz eating food favor this every work of my life.

Cassava e Beef, lunch can’t compreendo much better!

Home Cooking e Satisfaction

You can get naquela great taste that Brazilian terra natal cooking at der place prefer this, e if you’re in the area, be sure to gain at least uma meal of naquela simple, modern-yet-traditional plate of rice e beans.

In favelas like Rocinha that course, there is enquanto end to a amount the small, family-style food choices you’ll find.

It is for this reason cool to see como as this chief is basically food preparation in his very own kitchen, serving guest constantly. At night, he will close a door, and go about vida in his own house, a same rooms which just hours ago he foi ~ opening to people like us to protect against by.

Thanks porque o sharing few of your delicious cooking with us Alexander.

We were lucky to have a translator (thank you an extremely much Rafa e Guilherme for coming com us to Rocinha, e so numerous other wonderful places around Brazil), and it is experiences like these which really stick in ns mind, staying com you grande after returning terra natal to your respective country.

Getting come know much more about vida in neighborhoods like this is always a highlight of any type of trip.

Give Them der Voice

Finally, besides the sensory overload, e wonderfully friendly and food-filled experiences, visiting the beautiful people quem call favelas casa is naquela way to offer them a voice.

Taking time to visit their houses will not somente leave der lasting impression ~ above you e your trip, but also serve as der small component of ours greater initiative to dispel an unfavorable feelings towards fellow human beings a world over.

This is other worthwhile in itself, and I advice you to not somente follow along com our expedition (using ns article above), however also use stories of an individual experience prefer this to inspire yourself.

Go out, not só to another country, but even simply outside and explore the area around your very own home- there estão no fim to ns amount the unique and wonderful memories out there, simply waiting to be made as soon as you offer them a chance to happen.

Truly some of the best artwork around will be found in ns favelas

More info on Favelas

Approximately 6% of the entire Brazilian population viver in favelas (about 12.5 million people, given that Brazil’s entire population is end 210 million world (2019)). Therefore, with such naquela large portion of ns population, you can already imaginar that ns number the ‘normal,’ e hard-working people living here far outweigh those who estão there to do harm.

Famous Also for Artwork

Many favelas ser estar even famous porque o their art, para the giant and incredibly colorful paint schemes that local artists estão creating best on e in people’s homes. Numerous young Brazilian entrepreneurs estão making their rua in ns world making use of their artistic talents, bringing novo ideas and diversity right into their favela communities painting the heart that their own history, e their country’s contemporary day culture.

Wherever you find them, huge murals like these ~ ~ wonderful. Ns love walking down a streets in Rio, see new arte going up literally each e every day, but also plenty that other species of businesses together well. Brazil is a quickly farming country, and growth in ns favelas is definitely a necessary e large component of your future as naquela nation.

Prior to a 2018 fluviais olympics, dozens of ns largest favelas were totally swept by giant teams that police. After clearing a communities of assorted dangerous members, policemen remained in a favelas, acquisition up long-term stations i beg your pardon would assist give ns communities a possibilidade for much more peaceful lives.

A duram scene prior to you go, much more artwork from Brazil

Final Thoughts

Global media is constantly giving cause porque o fear in countless cases around the world.

This day visiting favela communities ao me, was naquela day that ns can point to and say come myself “here is proof, proof the things ser estar so really e truly beautiful out there, if we just may allow ourself to recognize it.”

The televisão screen is (usually) just ns smallest home window into a actual truths the what go on in our giant e wonderful world.

Our job in Rocinha

This job in Rocinha shows that not apenas um is there enquanto need to be wary of civilization who estão unlike ourselves, yet in ns moment the we allow ourselves to open up, in ns time that we let down our guard e just enjoy the time we’re in, it just may placed you right in the perfect localização to endure something new.

Something girlfriend could crescer from, e maybe a positive mudança that friend will never ever forget.

Chances favor these enable us to deixe de ser criança in methods that we could never imaginar growing before, and it is because we estão willing to go that development is offered a oportunidade to pegar place.

Gaining insights, not só about food, but additionally just valuable life knowledge, and finally, even more, part simple e joyful in-the-moment experience – a few of naquela traveler’s absolute best rewards.

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In a favelas, in Brazil, these moments were many, and moments, choose these, ~ ~ a reason to Travel.