Latest - outono Guys has actually Been delayed On Xbox

In naquela recent blogues post, Mediatonic announced that ns release of outono Guys top top Xbox e Nintendo Switch will certainly be propelled back em ~ its original Summer 2021 release window, no new date has been given.

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"We"ve realised that our previously announced Summer 2021 Switch and Xbox release schedule is unfortunately just too soon para us come include all of a tasty novo features we"re working on.
While we want to start on these platforms as easily as possible, we believe ns Switch e Xbox releases ~ ~ really walking to it is in worth waiting for and we’re at sight grateful porque o your patience."

In a same post, they likewise announced that crossplay will certainly be coming to the game, allowing players across todos platforms to come together e have funny playing a game.

"This hold-up gives our team some equipe to include features prefer crossplay."

Fall males Rumours Quashed

It looked, for a short equipe at least, favor we can be enjoying fall Guys on a Xbox next month.

However, those rumours were placed to bed ~ above Wednesday, with outono Guys themselves tweeting to apologise porque o the miscommunication.


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It"s a problema disappointment for those quem were hope to vai their this stuck into the battle royale title, with the game remaining a PlayStation e PC exclusive, porque o now in ~ least.

Fall males Xbox

Fall guys was uma of ns games of 2020, took pleasure in unprecedented success in its at an early stage days, ~ debuting on playstation Plus ago in August.

The title"s success conveniently dwindled, i m sorry is why many had hope that fall Guys would certainly be making der jump across to a Xbox consoles, however that has actually been placed on a backburner para now.

There"s still enquanto word as to whether we will ever see outono Guys on ns Xbox consoles, but com plenty of greater imporatance exclusives come come throughout a coming months, we introduzir this one will come soon.


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The o primeiro dia title we"re expecting to see this month is Madden 21.

With a Superbowl happeneing in two weeks time, February would be ns perfect time for EA to try to resurrect what has been naquela largely disappointed release.

Should Microsoft opt to relax Madden 21 on your service, mean it to go against the grain and come early, on ns week in ns lead up to the Superbowl itself.

Another game we"re hope to see included is Bethesda game Studios title, fallout 4.

The game Pass is no stranger to naquela Bethesda title here and there, and with no Fallout games currently featuring, us feel agora is ns time to do so.

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2015 release Fallout 4 is the title we"ve fui for, yet don"t be suprised come see any type of of a other titles from the critically acclaimed series join the jogos Pass lineup. is supported by that is audience. Once you purchasethrough conexão on our site, we might earn one affiliate commission.Learn more
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