helps the público distinguish between rumors and facts regarding a response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Do your part to the stop a spread of rumors by act three basic things:

Find trusted sources of information.Share information a partir de trusted sources.Discourage others a partir de sharing information em ~ unverified sources.

To discover trusted sources, look para information from official public health and safety authorities. Visit ns CDC Coronavirus page to find plenty of official sources. Inspect your state and local federal government or emergency administration websites and social médio accounts ao trusted information details to your area. On sociedade media, be certain to check for a blue verified badge next to ns account name. This tells you it"s an official account.

Visit a CDC Coronavirus web page to get the latest público health information on Coronavirus.

The U.S. Department of Justice and Federal profession Commissionhave information and resources about how to spot e avoid the latest scams.


Medical Supplies/Masks/PPE

Financial Assistance/Funding

State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Assistance


Fraud Alert:We have actually received reports that scammers reaching lado de fora to civilization offering to é registrado them porque o funeral has not sent any such notifications and we do not contact people prior come them registering porque o assistance.Learn More

Fact: The federal government is providing a vaccine free of fee to people living in ns United States.

However, your vaccination provider may bill her insurance company, medicaid or Medicare for an administration fee.

You can not buy vaccines online.

You have to not pay someone to placed your name on naquela list to vai the vaccine. Friend shouldn’t trust anyone who offers come help e then asks porque o money or an individual information. COVID-19 vaccines ser estar available apenas um at established vaccination centers e must be offered by trained clinical professionals.Visit ns CDC Coronavirus page for recommendations ao who should vai vaccinated first.

Last updated February 17, 2021 | Source:, CDC

Fact: No. None of ns currently obtainable COVID-19 vaccines save on computer the viver virus that reasons COVID-19, so girlfriend cannot vai the virus or ns disease it causes from the vaccine.

Having symptoms favor fever after you get der vaccine is normal e a sign your immune sistema is finding out to fight the virus. Visit the CDC Coronavirus page to learn much more about the facts behind COVID-19 vaccines.

Last update February 17, 2021 | Source:, CDC

Fact: Rigorous clinical trials have found that ns vaccines currently accessible in the United States are more 보다 90% efficient at avoiding COVID-19 e are essential tools to stop the pandemic.

Additionally, the COVID-19 vaccines may help protect you a partir de getting severely sick also if you do get COVID-19. Ns more world who importar vaccinated, ns closer we compreendo to having most human being protected em ~ COVID-19.

Get ns vaccine as soon as it is easily accessible to you.

Last to update February 17, 2021 | Source:, CDC

Fact: Even if you vaccinated, the is possible that you could still vai COVID-19 e pass it on to those who ser estar unvaccinated.

Until experts understand an ext about how COVID-19 vaccines work in real-world conditions, you should continue to monitor CDC referrals on how to protect yourself and others from getting a virus.

Last update February 17, 2021 | Source:, CDC

Fact: It’s no safe come share your inoculation card ~ above social médio because you could be inviting identification theft.

Your inoculation card has information ~ above it including your full name, day of birth, where and when you got your vaccine. As soon as you short article it to der social médio platform, you may be handing an useful information over to someone who could usar it para identity theft.

If you excited to share the notícia that did you do it received der COVID-19 vaccine, share naquela picture of your vaccine sticker instead.

Last to update February 17, 2021 | Source:

Rumor: Determines quem Can Get der COVID-19 Vaccine.

Fact: each state identify its own vaccination priority groups and procedures. Community vaccination centers are led through states e may be supported by the federal government, consisting of and its comunidade partners have actually provided critical support in the form that personnel, supplies and/or funding to help establish or expand hundreds that state led neighborhood vaccination centers and mobile vaccination centers across a nation.

Last updated: march 8, 2021 | Source:

Fact: Federal agencies e some public e private sector transportation companies are implementing ns requirement that people wear masks while traveling or in common areas prior to boarding. Passengers without a mask might be denied entry, boarding, or ongoing transport. Failure to comply with a mask requirement can an outcome in educado penalties.

The following comunidade agencies and transportation carriers have actually released guidance:

Major airlines and municipal transportation companies might have various requirements. It is in sure e check prior to you travel.CDC recommends that human being limit travel during the pandemic, e if people a partir de travel, they need to wear der mask once doing so. Clinical evidenceshows that consistent and universal usar of masks on publicamente transportation systems e in transportation hubs will aid protect Americans são de COVID-19 and help to reduce ns spread of COVID-19.

Last to update February 17, 2021 | Source:, CDC

Rumor: i got der free box of masks (or hand sanitizer or any other product) i didn"t order. Since I didn"t need to pay para it, it"s not a big deal.

Fact: The federal Trade Commission alerts that this scam might seem harmless, it’s not.

When der box of watch "free" merchandise lands at her door, it might mean the scammers have created an account in your name or bring away over your account on online retail sites.They may even create novo accounts tied to your address. Letting them post lots of seemingly atuações reviews.

Additionally, it means that they more than likely have accessibility to your an individual information. Guarda an eye on your conectados shopping accounts. If friend spot task that no yours, report it to a site e Federal trade Commission best away and change her password para that site.

Last update February17, 2021 | Source:, comunidade Trade Commission go not and will not divert orders of an individual protective equipment são de our federal, state and local partners, nor dá we have actually the legal authority to do so. In 2020, classifimoveis.comcoordinated shipments of more than 4.3 million respirators, one million facial/surgical masks, 1.5 million gloves e 14,000 cara a cara shields come VA infrastructure across ns country. e the VA staff have worked closely together throughout this response, and they ~ ~ co-located in the national Response Coordination Center. A Department that Homeland protection (DHS) e the VAissued a joint statement regarding these rumorson April 28, 2020.

Last updated February 17, 2021 | Source:, room of Veterans work (VA)

Fact:In 2020, there were misconceptions the era seizing medical supplies. is not seizing or taking an individual protective devices (PPE) a partir de state or local governments, hospitals or anyone lawfully engaged in gaining or distributing PPE.

If naquela hospital trust this has actually happened come them, it should be reported to ns governor. If naquela governor believes the this has actually happened to your supplies, it need to be reported to the Region. Ns situations below may likewise lead come incorrect presumptions of seizing or taking supplies:

The perception the is “out-bidding” states e others porque o supplies is incorrect. Due the use the priority ratings in ns Defense manufacturing Act to reallocate crucial resources, commonwealth government requirements estão put ahead of other orders so we can best assist areas most in require of supplies. As processes orders through ns supply chain we preserve close coordination com states to identify potential bidding conflicts.If naquela bidding conflict occurs, us work carefully with ns state or tribe to fix it in der way that ideal serves your needs.

Last updated February 17, 2021 | Source:, department of righteousness (DOJ)

Rumor: is diverting COVID funds in the direction of climate change. is no diverting COVID-19 funds towards climate change. ~ above January 26, 2020 announced practically $1 exchange rate in accumulation to support ns ongoing fight against COVID-19. This funds will be provided to assistance vaccination efforts at ns state and local level. Der news story on ns same day conflated a use of a Disaster Relief Fund ao COVID-19 solution with a use of the fund for naquela grant regime titledBuilding durable Infrastructure e Communities (BRIC). A BRIC program ser estar announced in august 2020 and provides $500 million ao mitigation initiatives throughout ns nation.

Last update January 26, 2021 | Source:

Fact: ns 2020 cares Act provided unemployment benefits para citizens during ns pandemic. The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations action of 2021 authorized extr payments of as much as $600 every adult and up to $600 for each qualifying child.

Additionally, because spread the lost Wages routine in respectable 2020, billions have been listed to states to assist com their unemployment claims. funding permits states to administer at least second $300 per semana to human being who perdido work as result of COVID-19 v their unemployment insurance programs. However, no decorrer federal assistente was offered in the form of hazard pay, nor has directly paid individuals.

Last update February 17, 2021 | Source:

Fact:There have been reports that scammers ~ ~ pretending to be a government, contacting human being by robocall, text message, email and other outreach. These scammers speak they can vai people financial assist during the COVID-19 pandemic, and then ask porque o money or personal information, prefer your social Security, banco account or credit card number. This is aSCAM.

Don’t to trust anyone who offers gaue won help e then asks para money or personal information. Federal and local catastrophe workers a partir de not solicit or accept money. A Department of countryside Security,, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers porque o Disease ao controle staff never ever charge porque o disaster assistance. A partir de not disclose details to any unsolicited telephone calls e e-mails a partir de individuals claiming to it is in IRS or room of Treasury employees. The first form the communications a partir de the IRS is by mail.

Visit the commonwealth Trade board of directors scams pagefor tips to assist youavoid scamsonline, on thephone, by text andthrough email. If girlfriend see der scam, please report it to the comunidade Trade Commission.

Last update February17, 2021 | Source:, FTC is onlysuspending rent para disaster survivorsliving in housing in California through may 12, 2021. contacts survivors quem may be eligible para this program. Various other sources of financial relief porque o renters might be accessible through state and local governments. The U.S. Room of Housing e Urban advancement also offers information onhousing-related COVID-19 assistance.

Last to update February 17, 2021| Source:

Fact: The room of Defense (DOD) traditionally support disaster response through Defense assistance to civil Authorities, i m sorry is the process with which U.S. Armed forces assets e personnel can assist in missions normally carried lado de fora by civilian jurisdictions. Military forces support catastrophe response apenas um when state, tribal, or território authorities request federal assistance, when all other state, federal, e partner resources ~ ~ exhausted, e only when ns use the military forces is legal, proper, and has durante adverse effects on armed forces readiness.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin authorized 1,110 energetic duty troops on February 5and an additional 3,610 active duty troops top top February will be partnering with ns Department that Defense ao additional sources at inoculation centers throughout a country.

Since critical year, DOD has supported ns COVID-19 response by offering aviation support e help in distributing personal protective equipment from federal stockpiles. DOD additionally deployed clinical teams to support hospitais staffs throughout the country.

Last updated February 17, 2021 | Source:, DOD

Fact:On in march 22, 2020 presidente Trump directed the Secretary that Defense to allow full comunidade reimbursement, by, for some states’ use of their national Guard forces. The President’s activity provides Governors continued command the their nacional Guard forces, while gift federally sponsor under title 32. Each state’s national Guard is tho under the authority of the Governor and is functioning in concert with a Department of Defense.

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On January 21, 2021 presidente Biden command to administer reimbursement to states, local, tribal e territorial governments e the ar of columbia for a use the their national Guard at naquela 100% price share until September 30.

Additionally, top top February 2, 2021 presidente Biden command to retroactively reimburse states porque o 100% of your costs for eligible emergency safety measures including masks, gloves, emergency feeding actions, shelter at risk populations and mobilization that the national Guard.