If you have reached this post is since you have in mind to move a partir de iPhone come Android. If you currently have decided, so com this tutorial you have the right to export todos your contacts a partir de iPhone come Android without any problem. You will certainly not lose any kind of important information. O ao melhor de tudo excluir que the procedures you need to follow ser estar very simple. You have actually nothing to issue about.

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What have to I são de to export my iphone contacts to Android?

1.- Export her contacts making use of iCloud

A primeira página que você desejo fazer é start ns web browser on your computer.do Not use Chrome due to the fact that it will certainly not work. Your easily accessible options ~ ~ Firefox e Safari.Go to iCloud.com.registro com your ID and access key.clique em contatos.Pressione All contacts. This option is located in ns upper left corner of ns screen.


Se você sim um Mac pressione Command, and the crucial To ~ por mesmo tempo. Situação você tenha um Windows pc, pressione ctrl and vir mesmo tempo.clique em Configurações. This alternative is in ns bottom left corner. Ns icon has a shape of a gear.Agora clique em Export vCard. Her contacts will be conserved in naquela file .vcf in the downloads folder.


Finalmente, in situation you see naquela floating window girlfriend will apenas um have to re-select tudo de of her contacts, right-click e re-export.

2.- income your contact using google Contacts

to have the ability to import your vCard the is far better to use Google. In instance you don’t have naquela Google account you will must make her record due to the fact that you will need it in Android. Once you have actually your account, friend should são de the following.

Open your net browser no seu computador. Friend can use the uma that girlfriend want.registro in your google account.Agora clique em Google Apps. That alternative is in the upper-right edge of a screen.Selecione ministérios Contacts icon.


Pressione Import contacts. You can find this option in ns bottom left of a menu.Selecione Choose file.


you choose your vCard e abri-lo.clique em import.If girlfriend get a red blog post on ns screen, escolher Find e merge duplicates.In the pop-up window you will require to click Combine.


In case that girlfriend have perdido your contacts são de Android and do not know como as to recuperate them. Here’s how to replace each one of castle is very quick e easy. You will be very useful.

3.- Sync your google account with your Android phone

If you have not rotate on your Android mobile then you have naquela lot the luck. Once you activate the phone the sistema will ask friend if you want to sync one account. You just need come follow every of the steps.

Agora, in situation you have actually on your mobile. You need to follow the following instructions come perform a synchronization.

Enter option Settings of your Android mobile.Torneira Accounts.Tap in Google.


press the switch following to the Contacts option. This serves to activate the synchronization of a contacts.Now select a Plus (+) botão switch in ns upper-right corner.Choose the option Sync now.


4.- add your iphone contacts to your Android phone

In instance you quiet don’t have der Google account you will need to send your vCard by email.

Opens a e-mail application no dele telemóvel Android.Enter the Email the contains ns file vCard.Click ~ above the download option the is following to the vCard file.once ns download. Girlfriend tap on a notification come to open ns vCard file.


This last action will count on a mobile friend have. You’ll be able to save a contacts in your smartphones or in the app of google Contacts.

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Finalmente, if you have actually formatted her Android phone e by accident girlfriend lost tudo your contacts, não se preocupe. This is como as you deserve to replenish tudo de your contacts in just naquela couple the minutes.