Construction worker Doug Kinney find that a pressures the his working life, combined com his duties to his esposa Laura e daughter jennifer leaves him with little time para himself. However, he is approached by geneticist Dr. Owen Leeds, who offers Doug a rather unusual equipment to his problems: cloning.

Você está assistindo: Eu, minha mulher e minhas cópias

Genre: Comedy,Fantasy,Romance,Sci-Fi,Science Fiction

Director: Harold Ramis, Judi Townsend

Actors: Andie MacDowell, Ann Cusack, Brian Doyle-Murray, Eugene Levy, Harris Yulin, cara de Lancie, Judith Kahan, Katie Schlossberg, Michael Keaton, richard Masur, Zack Duhame

Keywords:a minha Mulher e eu Četvorica kao jedan Clones Dördümüze bir es Els meus dobles ena zena mim Fire ns én i flesta laget ns fleste laget Jako vejce vejci Közös többszörös la meva governo i jo ma femme et moi Mes doubles Mezowie i zona mi mujer y yo Mi sdoppio in quattro minha Mulher e Minhas cópias Minusta ~ above moneksi Mis dobles Mis otros yo Multimees Multiplicité ministérios pollaplos eaftos mou Os meus Duplos Stirje mozje Vier lieben dich Ο πολλαπλός εαυτός μου Множество Мултиплициране

The Bromley Boys

A boy, a girl, e the worst futebol americano team in Britain. You can’t choose who you’re walking to fall in love with.


Louis C.K. 2017

Louis C.K. Muses on religion, eternal love, providing dogs drugs, email fights, teachers and more in der live performance a partir de Washington, D.C.


Small time Crooks

A loser of der crook e his wife strike it wealthy when naquela botched banco job’s cover service becomes naquela spectacular success.


Ho ching 2

An honors graduate in literature, Wyman is stuck composing cheap erotic fiction, but somehow ends up starring in one AV film. Suddenly a porn superstar in Japan, the discovers a…



In pursuit of both success and validation, der group the tech-savvy people juggle intimate encounters, first impressions e romantic opportunities.

A freelance illustrator in novo York suffers der quarter-life crisis and leaves his home para the west coast.

Young background buff Kevin can scarcely believe it when seis dwarfs emerge em ~ his closet one night. Previous employees of the Supreme Being, they’ve purloined a map charting tudo of…

When der powerful developer named Mr. Scheck gostaria to knock down tudo the stores e houses in Arnold’s ar to build a huge “mall-plex”, it looks likes a neighborhood is…

A família friend the Kaila’s one NRI garota has involved stay in his house during her visit to Punjab to vai married. Kaila’s sons and grandsons try to impress…

Adapted são de the bestselling novel through Madeleine santas John, women in black color is one alluring and tender-hearted comedy dramas about ns lives of der group of department store employees in…

A male must struggle to travel home ao Thanksgiving, com an obnoxious slob of naquela shower ring salesman his apenas um companion.

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