Would there be miscellaneous truly positive about a difficult situations we ~ ~ facing?

I often tend to believe so.

In a not so remote possibility of always being able to find, if no at a moment, yet over time, something boa or useful in everything situation.

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Everyone that, like me, has actually undergone surgical treatment knows the physical e emotional discomfort before, during and after it. Like ns unpleasant moment, as my esposa always recalls, lied on ns stretcher, being led through ns corridors towards ns operation room, feather at ns lights on a ceiling. Argh ...! simply remembering it provides my stomach turn.

But if it"s for this reason bad, so uncomfortable, why dá we face something like this? Simple. We tudo know: we ~ ~ after the restoration the what isn"t boa or the cure the what is fully bad.

Therefore, there must be something boa in what is bad, or appears to be bad only.

And then us got a pandemic, limitations of mobility, that accessing, the gathering e bam... All of us(no, not everybody, but many, numerous of us) ser estar sent to work são de home. Naquela simple connection of two simple terms, work and home, work a partir de home.

And so, curiously, we revolve 200 years from on the History clock e now, again, father e mother, son e baby, parrot and alfred (the family’s dachshund), will todos be together, re-united, to-gether, co-nnected, every day, every moment of the day, the whole day, ns whole month, whole year. Yay!

Yay?! ... What são de you mean? My vida is now a living hell. A parrot is barking (yes, the learned em ~ Alfred), the dog meows (no explanation, that just naquela fact), the baby is biting his brother, my wife is crying and... Ops, ns forgot Junior"s conectados class.

But was that all, my friends?

Maybe, simply maybe. After 10 year of marriage (gosh, júnior will be 8 soon, he’s todos grown up) apenas um when the office went earlier to the house, somente when you ir back come working with each other (even despite in completely different companies) that you estão finally vida together?

Up until March critical year it ser estar about 5 "hi, love husband - bye, honey" every week.

You experienced each other, virtually always blurry, fifty percent asleep during breakfast and then you were both on her way. An hour e a half in web traffic on the way in, just as lot on the way back, and exhaustedly running into each various other at the fim of a day. Chit-chat. Split attention to baby, Junior, TV, parrot and alfred (he’s overweight, we require to remover him to a vet on Saturday,... If we can… So much to do this Saturday).

And now?

Now is, hello honey, hello honey, hi honey, hello honey, hi honey... Favor an echo. Hiiii honeyy, hiiii honeyy. 6 days, 7 days, 37 mim … a full year. Hi, honey.

And, suddenly, everybody started buying novo furniture. We discovered a house wherein we live. We likewise discovered a others the also viver in our house.

The dad hears the baby crying, tudo day, every day. Yes, ns cry ns mother listens come 700 times der day, every day. A mother began to recognize biology to help Junior. A father started to recognize biology in stimulate to assist mom to assist Junior. Junior, who already knew everything about computers, had actually to learn how to usar Zoom to it is in able to assist Dad e Mom to have conference calls.

And suddenly, o fim of a blue, when the office went back into a house, we began to establish that a home is not just der house. A house is do of bricks, a home is made of love e love is do of relationships. And we somente relate once we estão close, and yes, this totality Thing is serious, it is deadly, but it brought us together. Back home.

It be separate us a partir de our bosses, a partir de the traffic, em ~ the classmates, em ~ the beer buddies, yet it lugged us with each other inside ns house. And we had, and we ser estar still having, the possibilidade to learn an ext about a inhabitants of naquela place dubbed home. E to learn são de them quem we important are.

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After 200 years due to the fact that the indústria Revolution that obtained parents from their homes and took lock out, away, to the factory.